PLEASE EXPLAIN: Did Heidi Klum's boyfriend really just get caught cheating?

Wine and chocolate. Public transport and podcasts. Weekends and salacious celebrity gossip.

These are a few of my favourite pairings.

Because, readers, there’s nothing like a bit of wee celebrity drama to spice up your Sunday morning, and this week, supermodel Heidi Klum and Vito Schnabel have stepped up to the plate.

What have they served up, you ask? Quite the dish.

Listen: Is electronically cheating a thing?

You see, 30-year-old art curator Schnabel was tossed into a boiling pot of lava yesterday when a sneaky paparazzo caught him and a mystery brunette in a cab.

(You know that when a *mystery brunette* is involved, the story is going to be good. Real good.)

And, well, how do I put this? The images showed an embrace of the ‘our noses are touching’ kind. Of the ‘we might be more than friends’ kind. Of the ‘I shouldn’t be doing this when I have a girlfriend of three years’ kind.

Ahem. If the images depict what everyone thinks they do (and what the photographer claims they do) Schnabel, in London, wasn’t being the best partner to Klum, who was off in New York filming for America’s Got Talent. Instead, he was kissing another woman for “around 30 seconds”.

Heidi Klum and boyrfriend Vito Schnabel. (Image via Getty.)

Was he was being a dirty rotten scoundrel? Probably.

Hours after the photos were published, Schnabel released a statement to PEOPLE: “The claims that have been made are a misinterpretation of an entirely innocent situation... There is nothing more to this than I was simply saying goodnight to a family friend and we went on our separate ways.

Klum, 44, is yet to respond, but earlier in the year did tell E! News she was "very much in love" with her art dealer boyfriend.