When will the heatwave end?

It’s so damn hot.

Huge parts of Australia are suffering through a brutal heatwave at the moment.

A giant pocket of hot air causing the stifling conditions will make its way north for the next few days.

Here’s when each state can finally expect some relief:


Congratulations Victorians! You’ll be the first to get some relief from the heat, with a cool change expected to arrive this afternoon.

Temperatures are predicted to fall to 20 degrees Celsius in Melbourne overnight, before reaching a top of 26C on Friday.

Those in the northern parts of the state will have to wait until Saturday, with places like Mildura and Swan Hill still expected to reach up to 44C degrees tomorrow.

South Australia

If you’re in SA, you’ll finally see some relief from the heat on Sunday.

The Bureau of Meteorology says temps are due to fall dramatically late Saturday night, leading to a perfectly pleasant top of 25C for the rest of your weekend.

New South Wales

It’s going to get worse before it gets better. The heatwave conditions afflicting Victoria and South Australia are expected to push into New South Wales from Friday.

The weekend will bring the worst of the conditions, with temperatures in Sydney expected to hit 39C on Saturday and 38C on Sunday.

Cooler temperatures will set in on Monday for the start of the working week.


The Sunshine State will live up to its name and be the last to get some relief from the heat.

Temperatures will begin to climb from Friday before they peak on Sunday (38C) and Monday (37C).

Tuesday will be comparatively cooler, with maximum temperatures of 29C in Brisbane.

Bad news if you’re in north Queensland though.


Areas around Townsville are expected to see severe heatwave conditions until Wednesday.

Australian Capital Territory

Canberrans are set to swelter through the hottest maximum temperature of any capital city on Friday with a forecasted top of 41C.

The temperatures would easily make Friday and Saturday (also 41C) the hottest days of the year.

But they could even go close to becoming Canberra’s hottest days ever, a record that has not been touched since 1968 when it reached 42.2C.

Temperatures should cool slightly on Sunday (32C) ahead of a much more bearable Monday (26C).

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