Heather Maltman is not thrilled about her huge phone bill.


You know those months when you open your phone bill and the there’s more numbers next to that dollar sign then there should be?

Heather Maltman just had one of those months.

The former Bachelorette contestant has been deep in the South African jungle filming her after-the-reality-show show I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here! NOW and she must be feeling homesick, because judging by this bill, she’s been making more than a few calls home.

In fact, poor Heather has racked up more than $1000 in charges.


She’s not happy about it either and took to social media to say  as much.

Apparently, Heather had organised a travel pack of some kind and was incorrectly billed by her service provider, which, you know, happens.

To be fair, mistakes happen and someone called “Simon” did rectify the issue. (Where’s Dan when you need him, eh?).

Anyway Heather is “very upset” about the whole mess (she’s #NotMadeOfMoney) and a gal alone in the jungle needs to be able to call her mum, you know?

Regardless, unlike another former bachie contestant we can think of, at least she has a phone:

Video via TenPlay