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Heather Maltman: 'Watching home visits on The Bachelorette was really hard'.

Her family is “complicated”.

Heather Maltman wrote about last night’s episode of The Bachelorette for the Daily Telegraph today, and revealed she found it particularly hard to watch.

Why? Well, Heather made it to the final four on The Bachelor this year.

Despite meeting her totally awesome father-figure, Warwick, Sam Wood didn’t give Heather a rose following the home visits.

Heather Maltman.

“This is a really hard one to write guys. We all know family stuff is like totally my kryptonite. #WarwickWisdom,” she wrote.

“Not gonna lie, I had to stop watching this latest ep a couple of times just to give myself a minute.”

Heather’s “family stuff” is complicated. She didn’t divulge her relationship with her mother on the show, but she has revealed that her father left the family when she was very young and has now passed away.

Warwick was the person she chose to introduce to Sam Wood.

Heather and Sam Wood on The Bachelor.

She said after the show that she’d almost decided not to do The Bachelor because she was reluctant to do the home visit part of the show.

“My biggest fear was actually that I would do home visits and he would send me home because it was too scary for him,” she told PopSugar.

Heather with The Bachelor runner-up Lana Jeavons-Fellows.

“There was so much there to process and I just was terrified that it would be too much for him to process. That’s been an issue in the past with some guys that I’ve liked, but that’s my stuff.”

Sam Frost’s parents split when she was young, and she and her siblings were raised by her mother until she remarried. Her stepfather has passed away, but they were very close.

Sam Frost.

“Sammy Frofro, we kids from a ‘different background’ find it hard to be introduced to the partner’s family. The fact that you just did it with FOUR in the space of a very short period, well, I tip my hat to you. Remember this, you are welcomed into the homes of millions. That’s pretty special,” wrote Heather.