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"I got myself a pretty one." Heather Maltman has a brand new boyfriend.


“Dating a cute actor is the best revenge.” Isn’t that how the saying goes?

Just four months ago, Heather Maltman was left heartbroken by The Bachelor Sam Wood when he booted her from the reality show’s mansion in favour of mother-of-one Snezana.

Now Maltman’s moved on — and we can’t help feeling her new love interest is, quite frankly, a little better matched to her cinematic interests.

Heather Maltman boyfriend
Maltman at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival on Thursday night. (Image: Getty)

Aspiring director and actor Maltman, 29, has announced she’s in a relationship with a fellow actor Andrew Steel.

The two already have some red-carpet couple-practice: They attended the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival together on Thursday night, looking every bit the local celebrity couple.

Maltman described Steel as “pretty sexy”. (Photo: Instagram)

Maltman, 29, confirmed she was seeing a “human of interest” in a red-carpet interview with AAP.

Then appearing on Channel 10’s Studio 10 on Friday morning, she told Sarah Harris: “I got myself a pretty one”.

Adding that Steel was “lovely,” Maltman clarified that their courtship was in “very early” days.

She also noted that the relationship would rule her out as next season’s Bachelorette after Sam Frost.

In a strange turn of events, Steel — who graduated from NIDA in 2010, and is also an aspiring musician — once dated Laura Clemesha from season one of The Bachelor.

That coincidence led Meshel Laurie to jokingly dub Steele a “serial Bachelor dater” on Twitter.

Steel with The Bachelor contestant Laura Clemesha from season 1. (Photo: Instagram)

We just hope you like onesies and superheroes, Andrew…

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