CULT BUY: 'I'm perpetually freezing, so this cosy discovery has literally changed my life.'

I know the term ‘changed my life’ is thrown around a little too liberally there days.

Can a green juice change your life? Doubtful. A new pair of shoes? Maybe.

But a few weeks back I did find an object which changed my life, and I will tell you why.

I’m always cold. ALWAYS.

In summer I still need to wear sleeves to the office, and in winter my fingers and toes could probably snap off with a bit of force.

It’s likely due to poor circulation. Or maybe it’s the fact that air conditioning is sexist. Either way, I’m always friggin’ freezing.

Then, a few week ago, I got to road-test a heated throw rug. A throw that had a baby with an electric blanket. A Pulitzer Prize-worthy invention. (Yes I am aware those awards are actually for journalism, but you can feel my enthusiasm.)

I know heated throw rugs aren’t brand new. But that doesn’t make me any less excited.

The one I’ve been road testing is called The Jason. That’s only moderately awkward for two reasons.

1 – I’ve been using it at work (please refer to sexist air conditioning).

2 – My CEO’s name is Jason.

So on the day I got it when I’m fiddling around with all the buttons, working out what they do and finding my ideal setting (there are eight heat levels, for reference, and level four is toasty perfection in my eyes) I enthusiastically proclaimed “My Jason is amazing. So warm. Makes me not want to leave my desk unless I can take Jason with me. Everyone needs a Jason!”

Me Jason. Kinda like Me Julie, but better.

The real Jason, my CEO, sits about four metres from me.


I now refer to it as my blanket.

Anyway. I know there's not a huge amount to say about a heated blanket other than it's way better than a non-heated blanket. Except I am about to contradict myself because the Jason is actually really lovely when it's not even plugged in. It's so soft and envelopey, it makes me feel like a Sharpei puppy when I'm wrapped in it.

I'm not going to lie to you and say my Jason is the most stunning, jaw-dropping, Instagram-worthy throw rug to ever exist. Because it's not. It's a plain, light grey, inoffensive shade. (If you do want a pretty throw for your Instagram feed might I suggest you spend $2000 on an Hermes blanket before assessing your life choices?)

It has also made my working environment 36 per cent more enjoyable because I am no longer shivering and complaining. And it's even increased my productivity because I stay at my desk more since I don't want to be away from my Jason. I mean, my blanket.

If you feel the cold like me, or your office or home is like an icebox, you might enjoy feeling cosy and thawed again, too.

The Plush Heated Throw is currently $39.99.

How do you stay warm during the worst season of the year? Tell us in the comments.