The heated camp chair every parent needs for Saturday morning sport this winter.

Let’s be honest, camping out for the day at your kids’ sports games in winter isn’t always fun.

It’s cold. It’s windy. It just sucks.

But parents, rejoice: we’ve finally found the perfect solution.

Meet the Lava Heated Chair by Explore Parent Earth.

heated camp chair
We need it.

Yep, it's a heated camp chair aka the answer to all our weather-related prayers.

No more suffering on the cold hard benches at your kids' soccer game or freezing during your next camping trip, the Lava Heated chair can keep you warm for up to four hours.

In recent months, the brilliant invention has gone viral thanks to its oh-so-simple design.

The Lava chair is simply powered by a removable power pack, which takes around eight hours to charge.


Not only does the chair keep you warm, it also features three USB ports in case you need to charge your phone. Yep, amazing.

With three charging ports, you can also charge your phone and the chair's heating pad at the same time.

heated camp chair
So. Clever.

The chair also features a zippered cooler bag and a drink holder.

Although the chair is a little pricey at $139.95, there's no denying that it's totally worth it to avoid the cold on the sidelines.

If only it came with a built-in umbrella too...

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