Video tutorial: Heat-free rag curls. So easy; so retro.

Carla GS created these heat-free curls using DIY rag curlers. (Source: Supplied.)

If you have dead-straight hair like me, I can almost guarantee that you long for bouncy, exciting curls. With hair, one rule remains unquestioned: the grass is always greener.

So, how to achieve the gorgeous curls that you should have been born with? There’s always hot rollers and heat stylers, but allow me to make a case for heat-free curls.

Watch me concoct curls from my ruler-straight hair. Don’t be scared off by that weird face I’m making below. I promise I’m friendly. (Post continues after video.)

Here is why it is worthwhile learning the old-fashioned art of rag curls…

  • You don’t need to buy an expensive heat-styling kit.
  • Because it’s heat-free, you won’t damage your hair.
  • It’s easier than using a hair straightener to create curls.
  • You can’t burn yourself.
  • It’s not just heat-free, it’s also free-free, because all you need is an old t-shirt and some hair styling product.
  • The curls will last for SO long.
  • When the rags are in your hair, you will look SO SEXY.
Watch out, boys! (Source: Supplied.)


Okay, that last point was a lie, but are you sold yet?

And if my video couldn't convince you to try this heat-free curling technique, surely this still from Orange is the New Black will do the trick. If it's good enough for that crazy romantic Morello, it's good enough for you.

Lorna Morello (Yael Stone) rocks her rag curls in "Orange is the New Black".


What are your go-to hair curling tricks? Would you try this at home?