The six healthiest coffee orders, according to a nutritionist.

By Jessica Sepel for Your Zen Life

The issue with coffee is not the coffee itself (in my opinion), it’s the way people have their coffee.

The additions of sugar, milk, cream and sweeteners are what make that innocent cup of coffee… not so innocent. In fact, it can be the cause of many of your unwanted health issues.

I harp on and on about coffee being dangerous in excess to an already stressed-out body because the caffeine can cause a rise in cortisol and adrenaline. Too much cortisol causes all kinds of hormonal issues – and weight gain around the midsection.

Too much coffee can also have a major impact on liver and digestive function.

However, I also say “yes please” to my one cup a day. All sorts of research supports that moderate amounts of coffee are good for our health.

How much sugar is in your favourite drinks? Post continues after video.

So how do you have your coffee? Do you have a double shot with full cream milk and two sugars… and maybe some cream as well?


Or perhaps you are having a large cappuccino? This is two cups of milk, two espresso shots and chocolate sprinkled on top.

What I think a ‘healthy’ coffee looks like:

A long black

With a dash of good quality cows milk or almond milk (if you prefer dairy-free).

A piccolo

A shot of espresso with only a small amount of milk added. This is what I have. Sometimes I have cows milk and when I am ‘cleansing’ I enjoy almond milk. (Post continues after gallery.)

 A macchiato

Or ‘Americano’.

A half latte or flat white

Cup of milk with the espresso shot – this is something I order sometimes.


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A small ¾ latte or flat white

This is three quarters of the cup milk with no added sugar or sweetener.

A small latte

This is a full cup of milk with no added sugar or sweetener. A small latte is actually quite a lot of milk.

The most important thing, though, is to sit down and take a moment out of your busy day to rest, relax and appreciate your coffee mindfully.

Have you changed the way you have your coffee and feel better for it?

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Having recently completed a Bachelor of Health Science and Nutritional Medicine, Jessica Sepel’s approach to a healthy lifestyle is informed by a well-researched understanding of nutrition and complimented by a passion to achieve physical and psychological balance. Jessica has just released her first hard-copy book, ‘The Healthy Life’. You can find her on her website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @JessicaSepel.