STOP IT: The 'healthier' Coconut Rough perfect for your mid-arvo snack is here.

Well Naturally
Thanks to our brand partner, Well Naturally

If you’re anything like me, you love a mid-afternoon treat, especially of the chocolate type. And again, if you’re anything like me, you find that the sugar hit means there’s a slump soon after. Ugh.

Especially as someone who’s got some issues with being a diabetic and gluten-free, (yes, that’s a double-whammy), I try hard to find a sweet treat that satisfies the taste buds but still lets me feel well, and ready to face the afternoon with good energy, afterwards.

So, this next news will hopefully make your day, if you need or like to be conscious of making healthier choices or trying new things.

Well Naturally, the chocolate brand that uses Stevia, not sugar, to sweeten their gluten-free treats, is introducing a Coconut Rough in a 90g share block to satisfy the dark chocolate lovers among us. So, that’s dark chocolate, mixed with the texture of toasted coconut pieces.

Oh wait.

Sorry, that’s not the best news; the best news is that IT. IS. DELICIOUS.

Well Naturally Coconut Rough. Image: Supplied.

You may care very much, as I do, that this Coconut Rough has no sugar added (it's 98 percent sugar free), is 100 percent real chocolate - 70 percent Cocoa, contains toasted coconut and natural antioxidants, and has no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives...


Really, all you need to know is that it tastes amazing while not in any way giving you an artificial high as sugar that's been added to chocolate sometimes can, or messing with your body when you need to be conscious of your blood-sugar levels and the gluten status of your treats.

Don't just take my word for it - here's what my friends said after they tried some Well Naturally Coconut Rough.

My work husband, Adam, and I, enjoying some Coconut Rough. Image: Supplied.

"It tastes like normal dark chocolate." - Amy

"This is really good!" - Ali

"I love that it nails the coconut rough taste without being rough to taste." - Adam (who's also my gluten-free work husband, pictured above.)

(Sorry, I don't have friends whose names don't begin with an 'A'.)

You can buy Well Naturally Coconut Rough from Woolworths supermarkets now, and independent retailers very soon.

So you can look forward to some indulgence at a time when many of us are treating ourselves, and you can do it without feeling like you're making a a choice that isn't right for you.

It's almost as if, eating Well Naturally Coconut Rough, is, dare I say it - cheating? But in the best way.

So treat yo'self today.

This content was brought to you with thanks by our brand partner, Well Naturally.

Well Naturally

Well Naturally has been providing Australians with better-for-you foods for over a decade. The delicious taste of Well Naturally No Sugar Added Chocolate is available in milk and dark chocolate, in a range of flavours. Now there’s more to love. Introducing NEW Coconut Rough; bursting with toasted coconut and smothered in rich, dark chocolate in a generous 90g share block. Each Well Naturally creation is sweetened with plant-based stevia, not sugar, so you’re free to dive in and enjoy!. Find Well Naturally in the health food aisle of Woolworths, Coles and Independent Supermarkets.