Stop everything: we’ve found a healthy chocolate that we can’t get enough of.

Well Naturally
Thanks to our brand partner, Well Naturally

If I think hard about events that changed my life, there are a few that come to mind. Finishing university, travelling around Europe, being offered my first full time job and meeting my partner, to name a few. But recently, that list received an unexpected addition.

Discovering low-sugar chocolate.

I know, I know. It’s hard to believe that we’ve been blessed with such an incredible creation. You see, the words ‘healthier’ and ‘chocolate’ usually don’t go hand in hand, let alone in the same sentence. And like all some women, I was understandably sceptical to begin with.

I’ve often strolled the aisles of the health food section of my local supermarket looking for the answer to my 3pm sugar cravings that don’t make me feel bad about myself.

What usually resulted was a few less dollars in my bank account and a shopping basket full of broken dreams. What was actually good for you ended up tasting like cardboard and what tasted great turned out to be not so healthy for you after all.

That was until I tried Well Naturally No Sugar Added Chocolate.


'Healthier' and 'chocolate' usually don't go hand in hand, let alone in the same sentence. " Image: supplied

Now, myself and many of my Mamamia colleagues are obsessed with it and out of good will, of course I had to share it. The best part about Well Naturally No Sugar Added Chocolate is that it tastes like regular, normal, delicious chocolate. The taste and texture is exactly the same, the only thing you're losing is the guilt when you eat it.

When I asked some of the staff around the Mamamia office what they thought of Well Naturally No Sugar Added Chocolate, here is what they had to say:

"If you didn't tell me it was low-sugar chocolate, I probably wouldn't have realised just from trying it."

"It really tastes like normal chocolate, I couldn't tell the difference at all. I want some more now."

"I'm a huge dark chocolate lover and this really hit the spot without being overly bitter which some chocolate brands can often lean towards."

Well Naturally No Sugar Added Chocolate also comes in array of eight different flavours to suit anyone's taste so there's no chance of getting bored. These include:

Milk Chocolate:

  • Creamy Milk
  • Fruit & Nut
  • Peppermint Chip

Dark Chocolate:

  • Rich Dark
  • Mint Crisp
  • Almond Chip
  • Valencia Orange
  • Acai

If you're already drooling, my apologies...

Well Naturally No Sugar Added Chocolate was the first chocolate in Australia to be sweetened with stevia, a natural plant based sweetener that contains no calories, making it better for you than sugar. Plus, Well Naturally is Australian made and owned. How cool is that?

So whether you're a milk chocolate or dark chocolate lover, or even both, they have your covered. My personal favourites are Creamy Milk and Fruit & Nut but they all taste delicious. Yummm.


So many flavours, so little sugar. Image: supplied.

Well Naturally No Sugar Added Chocolate is available in a range of sizes as well, including a traditional 90g block if you want to spread the love or a 45g bar if you don't feel like sharing.

The bars are the perfect size for me to store in my desk drawers at work for when I (or someone in my team) is in need of a chocolate hit. But I mean, you could even eat the block yourself if you wanted to, no one here will judge you. And with Easter almost around the corner, if you're looking for a healthier option to give as a gift to your friends and family, this is it. Trust us, they'll thank you for it.

If chocolate isn't your thing (I laughed a little too) Well Naturally also make a range of nut, fruit and seed based cereal bars which are awesome if you're looking to add a bit of fibre to your diet. As well as this, they make mini fudge bars which are full of protein and great to throw in your gym bag.

It's a great answer if you're looking to cut back sugar but don't want to go without. The low sugar life doesn't need to be a sad one! 2017 might have given us President Trump, but it's also the year that low-sugar chocolate came into my life. Things are already starting to look up!

What's your favourite time of day to enjoy a little chocolate?

This content was created with thanks to our brand partner Well Naturally.