'My cat and I are ageing nicely together.'

Thanks to our brand partner, PURINA ONE

When it comes to calculating the human equivalent of a cat’s age you add 15 years for the first year of their life, then 10 for the second and after that, 4 years for every additional year. That means my cat Millie who is four in cat years is actually 34.

I’m 40, but I’m told I look younger than I am. Millie, in my opinion, looks a bit older than 34. So let’s, for the sake of argument, say that Millie and I are around the same age, 36 perhaps. Looking as good as we do at this age takes discipline.

I eat as healthily as possible and am always sure to include antioxidant rich foods such as healthy, oily fish and nuts. Millie is fed PURINA ONE exclusively which uses wholesome ingredients such as real salmon and tuna, which supports her digestive system and contains antioxidants such as vitamins A and E to help keep her immune system strong.

Of course there’s a lot more to looking as good as we both do as 36-40-year-olds. There’s the grooming and the sleeping and the exercising, all in a day’s work for busy girls such as Millie and I.

Still, we manage. It helps that I spend hours stroking her fur, effectively grooming her and sometimes she does rub her face against mine which I suspect is more for her benefit than my own.

Animal behaviourist Dr. Jo Righetti says aside from antioxidants, PURINA ONE also contains essential minerals and nutrients to ensure Millie has not just a lovely, shiny coat but bright eyes and healthy skin.

Millie and I, two peas in a young-ish pod.

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What do you do to make sure your cat is looking their best?