'It was truly liberating.' 5 women on the best habits they adopted after 40.

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A funny thing happened when I turned 40. 

I stopped caring about what others thought of me and started caring more about how I felt about myself. It was truly liberating. I decided to start doing things that made me happy, and embrace all the joys entering this stage in life can bring. 

Of course, as per Murphy’s Law, that was also when my body decided it was going to make me aware of health issues I had been avoiding. 

Now at 52, my muscles don't work like they used to, where certain movements have become more challenging. So I’ve had to be aware of doing things that work for me for both my physical and mental wellbeing. My back and perimenopause gave me grief in the form of struggling to sleep, lowered energy levels, and just life in general adding to stress. 

I needed to seek out new rituals and habits to help with those. Physically, I've had to be aware of my limitations.

One of the best things that really helped me mentally to get through chronic pain is being out in nature. It has been a way of really connecting with my inner self. Here in Tasmania, we have a lot of beautiful wilderness and waterfalls, and I’m slowly making it my mission to visit as many as possible. 

It feeds my soul and helps to keep me active. Sometimes it is a gentle hike, others, I end up covered in mud after traversing fallen trees or climbing up muddy embankments. I complain like nothing else during the hike but once we reach the destination, I grin like a goose at the achievement. 

As we enter our 40s and beyond, our health needs are always changing – so it can be empowering to be in control of our health, and adopt new things to be able to thrive (not just survive) and live our best lives. 


There are plenty of things I wish I also knew about sooner. There are options like the Ethical Nutrients Mega Magnesium range, which helps target the various health needs that start to (rudely) present themselves in our bodies. 

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I wanted to know what specific habits women were adopting for their self-care, mental health, physical health and happiness after 40. 

Here’s what 4 of my friends told me.

Leanne, 52

"The most significant things I've done to optimise my mental wellbeing, are to have very clear boundaries. I will not spend time with people who do not build me up, and when the storms of life come, as they always do, I have a great team of friends, who know just how to support me. 

"To place myself in the best position mentally (and physically) after 40, I've also started walking regularly in environments which feed my soul, usually the beach or bush, including mountains."

Terri, 55

"I am on my 207th week streak with Peloton. I started Peloton just prior to the pandemic with spin because I wanted to be able to exercise around my crazy schedule. I find movement keeps me sane. I ALWAYS feel better after some kind of movement. I want my 'later years' to feel the best they can possibly be."

Nora, 61

"I’m the best at taking care of me. I’ve always, always, made sure I've done my hair and cared for my skin. I recognised early that’s part of who I am, so I've leaned into this. Getting up, dressing up and turning up. No matter how hard. It's done a lot for my happiness. Since my mum passed recently, I realised even more that it’s important to do the things that make you feel good (not in a selfish way, but in a way that you can be the best version of yourself, for yourself). My overseas trip has been exactly that. Adopting the goal of expanding my horizons. And that’s something I plan to keep doing going forward in travel, but also new hobbies."


"I've also been mindful to take a look at the bigger picture and work on the mind, soul and body’s needs, to end up in a much greater place in this season of my life. Remembering not to measure yourself against anyone else but do what works for you."

Tamara, 47

"I'm 47 and just this year, I've decided I needed to look after myself (I’m a slow learner). I quit smoking and joined a gym, I had a few personal training sessions to show me how to use the equipment and off I went. That combination has honestly been life-changing! My journey has been the perfect balance of working on my mental wellness and my fitness and I have learned that exercise is for everyone and it can actually be fun, once you've found your niche. I love how I feel afterwards and I look forward to it, which I wouldn't have dreamed of before starting."

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