What's wrong with these lunchboxes?

Sandwiches, fruit and a drink.  A pretty standard lunchbox, right? Yes, but a few small tweaks can make the world of difference to how healthy it really is.

Most parents do their best to pack healthy school lunches for their kids, but on closer inspection, it looks like not many are getting it right. Sandwiches made with white bread, muesli bars masquerading as a health food and little chocolate treats that are small but completely lacking in nutritional value.

We can all do better, with the help of consumer group Choice.

Choice has applied an algorithm for the healthy food star rating system to children’s lunch box staples. They aim to clearly define what is a healthy lunch box choice and what is not, to help parents make better choices for their children.

”We found big nutritional differences between similar-looking products, and this is critical when it comes to kids’ food,” Choice campaign manager Angela Cartwright told Fairfax. ”Eat it every day, and it can add up quickly.”

So with the Choice star rating system in hand, how do these every day school lunches rate? We

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