How does your sex life change after you have a baby?

A group of mums weigh in.

After you have a baby, it’s incredibly unlikely that getting down and dirty with your husband is front and centre in your mind. But, if you’re wondering what your sex life has in store for you AC (after children), I’ve got all the answers.

Recently, I conducted some research* about sex after kids. The responses were in many cases hilarious and the opposite to what many might expect.

(*Research involved texting girlfriends to probe them about their sex lives. Fun times.)

So, how does your sex life change post partum?

Many women I spoke to took some time to get their groove back. For the majority it was six months before they were really ready to throw themselves headlong into a kinky rendezvous. That’s not to say they hadn’t had sex before then, but for a lot of women it takes six months to forget a human head squeezed its way through their lady garden. That can be a bit of a buzz kill in the throws of passion. For those that had C-sections, the recovery was just as arduous.

"Many women I spoke to took some time to get their groove back."

One of the hotly discussed topics was co-sleeping. With many mothers choosing to safely co-sleep with their children, it begs the question - are they sacrificing their love life?

One woman told me that kids don't always have to come first. She puts her children to bed in their rooms but one or both would inadvertently make their way into the family bed during the night. She said it made them more adventurous. If they got an urge in the middle of the night they would move to the couch, the kitchen or even the washing machine.


A married mum of three confessed that she and her husband had been known to utilise their walk in wardrobe for intimate relations.

Another Mum told me that she loved co-sleeping with her son and making use of places like the shower for some intimate time for Mummy and Daddy. Did I mention she's pregnant with number two? Solid proof the co-sleeping needn't spell the end of your sex life.

"Did I mention she's pregnant with number two? Solid proof the co-sleeping needn't spell the end of your sex life."

Overwhelmingly women told me that they were more adventurous and spontaneous now that they were parents. Instead of the old night time nookie they made use of daytime naps and playpens to sneak off like naughty teenagers.

There was also a general consensus that nights are now reserved for sleeping, or, as one respondent put it 'no way, shop's shut'.

While some women reported that they would be lucky to enjoy sex once a week another confessed it was at LEAST three or four times.

A woman with a husband who works away told me when he gets home it's on. They have to make use of the time they have together.

There's great news for those expecting a baby who are worried that their sex life might suffer. It's time to get adventurous and spontaneous.

How has you sex life changed since you became a parent?

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