It's time you paid attention to the greatest show on Australian TV right now.

Ask a random person in the street what the best Aussie show on TV is at the moment, chances are they will say The Bachelorette. Or maybe The Wrong Girl.

Sure, they’re great shows. But in my opinion (and 684,000 other people as of last Monday) they have nothing on Have You Been Paying Attention.

It’s a quiz show / comedy show / celebrity spotting quest created by the same geniuses who made The Castle, and it truly is the funniest thing on Television in Australia right now.

If you’ve been wondering where all the Aussie comedians are on TV, look no further than HYBPA.

Listen to Jessie and Laura discuss the show on the latest episode of The Binge:

Hosted by Tom Gleisner and featuring permanent panelists Ed Kavalee and Sam Pang, Have You Been Paying Attention or HYBPA as us super fans call it has a rotating cast of celebrity contestants who have to answer questions about what’s in the news.

We’re talking people like Hamish Blake, Fifi Box, Jane Kennedy, Glenn Robbins, Kitty Flanagan. And then you have the guest quiz masters, who are sort of the ‘hot’ people of that week who ask a series of questions. 

It could be Richie and Alex (who really got dissed) from The Bachelor or Zoe Foster Blake talking about her new book.

Watch Zoe on Have You Been Paying Attention here…

And unlike other quiz shows. It’s not about who wins (although it was pretty exciting to see Sam take the Trophy home this week), it’s about the puns. And the gags. And seeing a whole heap of celebrities hanging sh*t on one another. Which is really the best part.

So if you need a laugh, or just want to hear some good puns. Look no further than Have You Been Paying Attention.

Listen to the full episode of The Binge, where we also talk about The Block, Modern Family and more here: