Georgia Love faced the 'Have You Been Paying Attention?' firing squad. They didn't go easy.

We’ve officially found a new Monday night ritual: watching Bachelor/Bachelorette stars cop a grilling from the panel on Have You Been Paying Attention?

For the uninitiated, HYPBA is a panel show that quizzes local comedians on the biggest current affairs and pop culture news of the week — with chuckle-inducing results.

Each episode features a guest quiz master, and it’s become tradition for Bachie personalities to have their turn in front of the firing squad. Last week it was Richie and Alex; last night, it was Georgia Love.

Although the panel were arguably a little less harsh on our new Bachie Queen, they didn’t let her off easy, either. (Thank goodness, we say.)

The tone was set as Love was introduced to the team, and told them that having her phone confiscated from her throughout filming of The Bachelorette felt like losing her right arm (curiously, she said this while gesturing to her left arm…).

“From what I’ve seen of those guys, some of them look like they use their right arm a lot,” Ed Kavalee pointed out.


Love’s first question concerned her job before she was cast in the reality show. Kavalee’s answer was surprisingly serious to begin with… but he couldn’t resist throwing in a bit of smut.

“A Channel 10 news reporter of Tasmania, who you showed the whole map of Tassie every night,” he said.

Sam Pang delivered the next zinger, joking that The Bachelorette‘s ‘First Impression’ rose came “with handcuffs”. The answer, of course, was the Golden Date Card — but we think handcuffs would make it all far more interesting.

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However, the cringiest moment of the segment arrived with Question Three, in which Love asked: “I received a lot of gifts on the first night, what was the most expensive gift?”

“It was jewellery,” Kavalee correctly noted… but once again, he just couldn’t help himself.

“It was a pearl necklace.”

With that, the entire nation cringed — and even the perennially cool and polished Georgia Love was visibly unsettled.

Oh, and it would be remiss of us not to mention that the Mills and Boon covers photographed in last Thursday’s episode of The Bachelorette came up a treat:

Sah romantic. (Image: Tenplay)

We're very much looking forward to seeing some of the Bachelorette men take their place next to Tom Gleisner.

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