"25 thoughts I had while watching Harry Style's new music video."

The moment has arrived.

Independent artist and boy-band-member-currently-on-hiatus Harry Styles has released the video for his debut solo single ‘Sign of the Times‘.

Watch: Remember that time One Direction sang MmmBop? Good times:

Naturally, it’s stirred up many feelings and thoughts. Twenty-five, to be exact.

1. Eff you, Youtube pre-rolls. Hurry up and start the video already. I am wearing my favourite overalls, I have just eaten a snack and had a coffee. I AM HARRY READY.

2. Dun dun dun… it begins.

3. Oh, this is very Dunkirk-y, Styles. (ICYMI, Harry is now both a serious singer AND actor).

Dunkirk or Sign of the Times? You decide.

4. Ugh, pirate boots. C'mon, mate. Don't go the way of Johnny Depp's fashion; you'll never come out alive.

5. Wind in the face. Nature. Blustering winds. Hardships. Man versus wild. Emotions. Harry Styles 2.0.

6. Look to the menacing skies, Harry, because if the answers to life's meaning don't lie there, then where in Simon Cowell's name are they?

7. At least he's sensibly dressed for the weather. That makes me happy.

When you look at your phone and realise everyone but Zayn has texted you back.

8. Generally, men in knitted sweaters make me break out in affluent-averse hives, but because this is Harry Styles, somehow it just works.

9. When this song first came out I thought he was singing 'why are we always stuck running from the police?' Then I thought he was singing 'why are we always stuck running from the bullies?' Now, though, I'm confident he's saying 'the bullets' but honestly, it wouldn't kill him to be a little clearer in his diction.


10. I really hope my future sons have hair as luscious as his.


Heaven must be missing an angel.

12. The Bowie vibes continue. Party.

13. Shit, even his flying is majestic.

14. I know most of this was almost definitely done on green screen but I want to believe. I want to believe Harry can fly.

15. Nature. Man's minuscule size in the grand scheme. The inertia of it all. Harry Styles.

How you livin'?

16. Oh God, he's gone full space cadet Thoreau heading to Walden on us.

17. Arwen, is that you? Rey, you making your way up the secluded mountain to see Luke Skywalker? Mary Poppins in the clouds, hello! Harry flying upon the wings of Buckbeak, we see you.

Many Harry's. Much flies.

18. Okay, you're boring me now, Haz. The green screen is not good enough for this much flying. But truly, I do wonder if he took flying lessons from Madam Hooch before this.

19. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a reformed boy band member.

20. Yep, nature is officially Harry Styles's giant womb in which he dances.

*'This is What You Came For' plays in the background.*

21. This has some weird Bear Grylls gone biblical, Lord of the Rings style vibes about it. And I don't... I don't hate it.

22. In fact, this is making me really excited to see him in concert later this year, because yes, I did defy the odds and get tickets.

23. *Runs on water once, swears he's still a mortal man, though.*

"I'm just like any other regular guy, I swear."

24. It's very choose-your-own-adventure Styles.

25. One Direction is absolutely not reforming anytime soon, hey.

Watch the full video below.