"He isn't an object": This video of Harry Styles reveals an uncomfortable double standard.

A female fan has been accused of groping Harry Styles at a breast cancer awareness event in the United States.

The singer was performing on stage at the event when a woman allegedly reached up and touched his crotch. The 23-year-old former One Direction star could then be seen moving the woman’s hand away before continuing on with his set.

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Since the incident, many have called out what they believe to be a double standard – arguing that if a male fan groped a female singer in the same way, it would immediately be considered a serious sexual assault and the reaction from the public and authorities would be much more damning.

Styles’ fans have called for more respect for the singer and have reinforced the message that touching anyone without consent is sexual assault.

The hashtag ‘Respect Harry’ is now trending.



The fans believe that in the wake of the slew of sexual assault allegations leveled against Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein, it’s important to call out this behaviour for what it is – sexual assault.

Do you believe there is a double standard involved when it comes to women touching men inappropriately? Tell us your opinion in the comments below…

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