ATT MUGGLES: A week long Harry Potter-themed cruise is being launched this year.

For those who are still a bit upset that they have yet to receive their Hogwarts letter in the mail, a seven-day Harry Potter-themed cruise could soothe your pain.

Yep, just you and up to eight of your most obsessed friends indulging in seven days of magical sightseeing with Hogwarts-inspired dishes served throughout.

Sadly your bedrooms will not be Hogwarts themed… but we’ll let that slide.

Listen: On This Glorious Mess, we discuss the outdoor activity that all the kids are obsessed with these school holidays… Like rock hunting. (Post continues after audio.)

From what we can tell from the packed itinerary, the tour kicks off in London at the Hotel Stafford with a British afternoon tea, before participants will set sail to Hampton Court for a historical day of sightseeing and feasting.

The Harry Potter madness begins on day three with a trip to Windsor where you get to visit Virginia Water, ie the lake where Harry first meets Buckbeak in Prisoner from Azkaban.

This is followed by a jam-packed schedule of more filming locations including Picket Post Close (the actual location of 4 Privet Drive), Oxford’s Christ Church College which was used in the films and was the inspiration behind the Great Hall, as well as a trip to the Warner Bros Studio Tour on your way back to London which houses the hundreds of props, costumes and scenes.

The cruise will take you to Virginia Water, where scenes from the Prisoner from Azkaban was filmed. Image via Warner Bros Studios.

Unsurprisingly the cruise doesn't come cheap.

It'll set you back $48,700 AUD to hire out the entire eight-person boat (staff included), with single occupant rates starting at $2,055 AUD, with $6,665 AUD for a double room.

Unfortunately this doesn't include flights to London either.


Umm... accio Gringotts?

If the price hasn't deterred you or crushed your childhood dreams, there will be two Harry Potter cruises running this year on the 19th - 25th of August, and on the 16th-22nd of September. For more information, you can head to the Barge Lady Cruises website.

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