Harry Potter lipstick has arrived, but Muggles are offended by the collection.

In truly magical news, there is now a line of Harry Potter-inspired lipsticks that will allow us, the Muggles of the world, to achieve perfect witch face.

Yes, I’m being perfectly Sirius here.

Created by American cosmetics brand LA Splash, the US$14 lipsticks come in a range of rich matte shades worthy of their own Hogwarts acceptance letters. The range includes a deep purple called ‘Bellatrix’, a dusty pink called ‘Lovegood’ and an electric blue called ‘Alastor’.

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There’s also a vibrant green named after Severus Snape. You know, green like his beloved Lily Potter’s eyes. (Well damn, that one struck me right in the feelings.)

Although the Potter enthusiasts of the world have greeted this news with excitement bordering on hysteria, many have taken Umbridge (boom-tsh) at the colour selections because some of them don’t align with their namesake characters or wizarding institutions.

Take, for instance, the Ravenclaw-themed lipstick, which is a delightful deep red — not the distinctive navy blue of the Hogwarts house. If any house should have a red lip named after it, it's surely Gryffindor, right?

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"Bellatrix should have been that deep, deep red she wore. Sirius should have been close to black in color. The navy for Bellatrix should have been Ravenclaw. It's just a mess," one Facebook user commented. (Post continues after gallery.)


Another argued that the names and shades demonstrated "a complete lack of understanding of the characters".

The lipstick named after Hermione, a candy-like pink, has also been subject to criticism, with fans suggesting it should have been a muted mauve instead.

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Harry Potter himself didn't earn a lipstick in his name, but neither did a number of notable characters. Personally, I'd like to see a glittery metallic shade named after Gilderoy Lockart in all his fabulosity; and a fiery orange-red for Molly Weasley because she kicks ass.

Some of the Harry Potter collection. (Image: @krystinkibler/Instagram)


At the time of writing, the LA Splash website seems to have crashed under the weight of thousands of Potter fans, so it's not clear whether we can buy these lipsticks here in Australia. Perhaps if we all chant 'Accio lipstick!' while pointing our [mascara] wands to the sky we'll be able to summon them across the seas.

Judging by the hype surrounding these lipsticks, it's only a matter of time before hordes of Harry Potter cosmetics make their way into the beauty aisle.

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What could come next — Huffle-powder-puffs? Fake nails called Raven-claws? Lotions to treat unique facial scars? Body butterbeer? Lip balm that comes in all the flavours of Bertie Botts beans? The possibilities are endless.

Would you wear a Harry Potter lipstick?