J.K. Rowling announces a new Harry Potter. Fans can't cope.

She says it’s not a prequel to the Harry Potter novels, but rather focuses on a part of Harry’s story that has yet to be told.

Eighteen years after the first Harry Potter book was published, the creator of the famous boy wizard took to Twitter on Friday to announce the play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will be showing at the Palace theatre in London’s West End at the end of 2016.


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Rowling then teased fans in a series of tweets about the play, which is a collaboration between herself and theatre legends Jack Thorne and John Tiffany.

She says that staging a play was the only way that this story could be told:


JK Rowling – the woman who started it all. (Via Twitter)

Rowling continued to say that while she had had a heap of offers to continue Harry’s story, she believed she finally found the right team for the job.


Naturally, fans reacted to the news in a calm and dignified manner.


But the news is not all good for the millions of Harry Potter die-hards, with the RadioTimes working out exactly how long the play would need to run so that all fans could see it.

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Apparently, if you assumed the 71 million people following the official Harry Potter Facebook account all wanted to get their #CursedChild fix, the play would need to screen at the 1400-seat Palace theatre for roughly 120 years:

Seventy-one million divided by the number of seats in the house gives us a figure of 51,000 performances. The Palace usually puts on one performance a day, with an extra matinee on Saturday and Sundays and Mondays off. 51,000 divided by 8 gives us the 6,375 weeks the play would need to run for to fulfil that quota. Divide by the number of weeks in a year, 52, and the play would have to be on for 122.59 years – let’s call it 122 because those guys are going to need a break at some point.

Crushed? Heartbroken? Curled up in a foetal position in the corner crying your eyes out?

Yeah, us too.

More information about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child can be found here.