Guess who is heading back to Ramsay Street?

Another former Neighbours star confirms their return.

Delta Goodrem is returning to Ramsay Street for Neighbours 30th anniversary special, set to air in 2015.

And the 30-year-old singer made the announcement on Instagram alongside some flash back pictures.

“GUESS WHAT???… NINA TUCKER RETURNS TO ERINSBOROUGH ??!!! #jackandnina #whereitallbegan #30thanniversary xx,” she wrote.

Ah, the memories.

Delta will join iconic Neighours couple, for the special show, despite the fact Madge died almost 13 years ago. We can't wait to see how producers jump that little hurdle.

"It was an immediate yes when I was invited to return for the 30th anniversary, I wouldn't have missed it and I'm thrilled with the way their story unfolds," Anne Charleston, who plays Madge, told the BBC.

Harold and Madge Bishop.

"I spent half my working life on Neighbours and so it's lovely to be back with Anne and all the cast and crew," added Harold aka actor Ian Smith. It's been five years since Harold appeared on our TV screens - we miss him!

Although the pair would not comment on the story line, it will definitely be interesting to see how producers plan to bring back Madge from the dead.

The original Neighbours crew.

“The last time I returned (on air) was from Brisbane, love. This time I’m coming back from an extraordinary place,” Anne told The Herald Sun.

Other ex-cast members, including Kylie Minogue (!!!), are thought to be making a return as part of the anniversary celebrations, however no official details have been confirmed.

The tragic scene.

So what are Anne's memories of the last time she played Madge? “My memories of that day are fantastic. I was worried the whole thing was going to get far too turgid and mournful, so I arranged for the art department to fill Madge’s room with chains and whips and all sorts of things hanging off the bedroom door and under the covers,” she told News Limited.

We can't wait to see you, Madge.

SCROLL THROUGH the gallery for pictures of your favourite Neighbours couple from their Ramsay Street days to now...

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