Karl Stefanovic got a certifiable grilling last night.


Host of the Today show, Gold Logie winner and the owner of a single suit, national treasure Karl Stefanovic was on the ABC last night.

Thankfully, The Verdict has not replaced Q&A on the national broadcaster (yet), rather Karl made a one-off appearance on The Yearly, the end of year wrap up of Charlie Pickering’s comedy-meets-current affairs offering The Weekly.

Each week Tom Gleeson sits down with an Aussie media celeb for his segment on the show, “Hard Chat”, in which he asks the tough questions no one else will touch.

And boy, he threw some doozies at Karl:

“What’s it like living in the shadow or Peter Stefanovic?”


“You wore the same suit for a year, was that just to cover for an all year bender?”


“You’ve reported from a lot of disasters, is that why you hosted The Verdict?”


“Mark Latham lost the 2004 election, comprehensively, as voted by the Australian people. What genius at Nine thought, ‘We need to hear more from this guy’?”


Gleeson also asked if Karl stood by his statement that a “joint with friends is fun”.

“There’s lots of stuff I say that I don’t remember,” he replied.

I doubt he’ll forget this grilling, watch it here: