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Overworked and overwhelmed? Try these tips to bring back some balance

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With everything going on in our lives it’s easy to feel overworked, overwhelmed and well…a little bit cranky. Committing to a detox can improve your health, lift your mood and give you the energy and motivation to nail life.

Don’t worry, I’m not talking about the kind of detox where you have to padlock the fridge, drink lemon water seasoned with cayenne pepper and make 20 harrowing trips to the loo every day. I’m talking about a holistic approach to improving your wellbeing. You can detox your body by following a healthier diet, keeping hydrated and finding time for exercise and mindfulness. You can also detox your environment by getting rid of clutter, taking stock of your relationships and finding more time for R&R.

1. Clear the clutter.

If you haven’t used it or worn it for 12 months, donate it or chuck it out. All that stuff that’s hiding in the spare room cupboards and under the bed needs to go. Magazines from 2008? Chuck them in the recycling. That size 8 dress that fit you back when you were a uni student and had no money for food? Give it to the op shop! Cleansing your surroundings of unneeded stuff will free up much-needed space and make you feel far more Zen.

2. Find time to “unplug” yourself.

With modern technology dominating our lives, it can be hard to ignore the constant buzzing and beeping of our numerous devices. While texts, emails and social media help us feel connected, being “plugged in” comes with a lot of pressure – we need to reply to that text from Mum, comment on our friend’s latest post and ensure our Insta feed is updated with pics of our latest adventures. Switching off your phone, tablet and laptop can be wonderfully cathartic. A friend of mine did it for a full week and said she’d never felt calmer or more relaxed. While you don’t have to commit to a full seven days, start by tuning out of technology for an hour a day and see how you go.

Tea & a book - the ultimate R&R. Image: iStock.

3. Go to bed early.

According to the Australasian Sleep Association, at least one-third of us suffer significant sleep problems. When you don’t get enough sleep, it’s hard to concentrate and you can be forgetful and irritable. When I was a new mum and averaging two hours of sleep a night, I forgot how to drive my car. It took an embarrassing call to the dealership to be reminded that a manual won’t start unless your foot is on the clutch. Yep, sleep is essential for brain function, health and productivity so instead of staying up late watching reality telly, have a cup of Twinings Sleep Infusion and ease yourself into an earlier bedtime with the soothing scents of chamomile, orange blossom and honey. Yum.

Mmm...nothing's better than a tea before bed. Image: iStock.

4. Drink more tea.

While we’re on the subject of tea, drink more of it. I’m actually a fourth generation tea addict with a collection of tea cups that the Queen would sell her corgies for. If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, tea is its perfect partner. I’m mad for kickstarting my morning with a cup of Twinings Detox Infusion. Its blend of sweet fennel, citrus and verbena helps launch me into a busy day feeling refreshed and focused. De-lish.

Twinings Detox Infusion. Image: supplied.

5. Practise mindfulness.

Ever been part of a group conversation only to realise you have no idea what anyone has been saying? Sometimes our mind is so preoccupied with other things that we find ourselves completely tuned out. Going through the day on autopilot means we miss important messages about our life and relationships. Mindfulness is about living in the present, being aware of our senses and paying attention without necessarily trying to change anything. No, you don’t have to be a mindfulness guru, just start by spending two minutes a day in silence while paying attention to your breathing. It should make you feel more centred and aware of yourself and your surroundings.

6. Work up a sweat.

I know it’s hard to haul yourself out of bed for an early morning walk or gym session but you’ll feel better for it, I promise. I’ve had a rocky relationship with exercise and made charitable donations to several gyms over the years but busting out a few burpees definitely sparks me up for the day and reduces the guilt when a Lindt ball finds its way down my gullet.

Yoga is a great way to practice mindfulness. Image: iStock.

7. Say goodbye to toxic people…

Do you have a friend who resents your success and sabotages your attempts to live a happier life? Is there that one relative who makes you the butt of all their jokes and gossips about you to anyone who will listen? It may not be easy but it’s time to give them the flick. Life is too precious to invest in relationships that make you feel like poo. You have the power to control who you spend your time with, don’t waste it on people who are bad for your soul.

8. …And invest in the good ones.

Find time to catch up with the people who make you smile. Plant a sloppy kiss on your partner when you wake up each morning. Show up at your best friend’s apartment with a bag of popcorn and a bottle of wine. Listen, really listen to what the people you love have to say and offer them advice, support and a bear hug if they need one.

Find time to spend time with those who make you smile. Image: iStock.

Detoxing doesn’t have to be about eating organic kale and becoming a yogi. Everyone can benefit from making changes that support their health and wellbeing. Take some time out, focus on fulfilment and create a life that you love to wake up to each day.

What is your number one tip for looking after your health and wellbeing?

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