How to hide a hangover at the office (written by someone who currently is).





Seriously, what kind of boss thinks it’s a good idea to throw the office Christmas party on a Monday night?

(Oh hey Mia, thanks for a great party last night!)

Alright, so two drinks turned into twenty and you’re due in at the office in under half and hour. It’s time for a game plan: head straight to the bathroom to take stock of your face situation.

Collect two points if you remembered to take your makeup off last night.

Either way (no judgment), give your face more refreshment than a KFC moist towelette on greasy chicken hands with a facial wipe for sensitive skin. I love Wotnot’s 100% natural and biodegradable facial wipes.

I wouldn’t normally recommend doing this but coordination is not going to be your strong suit today and if you can bend down to get the wipes without getting giddy, you’re already winning folks.

Next up, it’s likely your skin is feeling dry, inflamed and irritated from all that wine – so liberally spritz face with a calming mist like Grown’s Hydra-Mist + Desert Lime & Amino-Peptide Mist. Throw it in your bag too and repeatedly spritz until it’s an acceptable time to eat hot chips.

Face – mix a little fake tan, bronzer or gradual tanner in with your moisturiser and apply to your face. This is a nifty trick that will give your dusty pallor a pseudo glow.

If you’ve got an illuminating foundation that will also do the trick and if you want to ‘invest’ in something for the rest of the silly season go for MAC Strobe Cream (a brilliant illuminating product applied under your foundation).


Eyes – chances are this bit isn’t going to be so purdy. If you have some Visine or eye drops nearby don’t just stand there drop it in your peepers! (Apologies, I haven’t slept much either.)

Line the lower lashline with a white, cream or flesh-toned pencil, which will make the whites of your eyes appear whiter and brighter.

Layer lashes with a coat of mascara and do not attempt, I repeat, DO NOT attempt any kind of new look with your 24-colour eyeshadow palette. If you think this is a good idea it’s very possible you are still drunk.

Cheeks – heavy blushes and powders are not your friend today and are also not going to do anything for the pseudo glow we’ve just achieved with the fake-tan/moisturizer trickery.

If you have flushed skin, skip this step but if you’re in need of some colour apply a cream blush or tint like Benefit’s Cha Cha Tint.

Brows – defined brows are going to make you look like you’re in control of your life even if you’re not in control of your stomach contents. Fill in and define your brows with either a pencil or shadow from Benefit’s Brows-a-Go-Go.

Lips – feeling parched? Of course you are. Tip your head open and pour in Hair of the Dog/Water/Panadol/Gatorade whatever your mouth desires and then apply generous coats of lip balm. Follow up with a bright lipstick, the crayon-type lippies will be the easiest to apply right now, and a pop of colour will help to distract from your watery, red eyes. I like Stila’s After Glow Lip Color in Electric Pink.

Annnnnnd may the force be with you.


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