Oscar gave me a hangover.

This is Oscar. He gave me a hangover

I lost my Sunday to a hangover. The worst I’ve had in 12 years. I blame Oscar. It was totally his fault. My cousin Emile Sherman has returned from LA with his Oscar and to celebrate, he and his wife Caroline threw a gold party. Was awesome. As I walked in on Saturday night, I bumped into a friend who grabbed me and said “I got drunk so quickly and I don’t know how it happened.” It was 8:30pm. I kind of patted her on the shoulder and thought “Ok, right” and within an hour I was saying the same thing. Except I didn’t feel drunk. I just felt happy and interesting.
Until yesterday when I woke up feeling neither happy nor interesting.

I couldn’t even communicate that when I opened my eyes. All I could do was whimper.

There are many things I tried to feel better yesterday: Panadol, water, pancakes, tea, salt and vinegar chips, pizza, chocolate, Nurofen, the E! channel, fruit salad.

I’m not sure if any of it worked. I think time is the only healer for hangovers.

Today I feel normal. Ish.

It’s odd really because usually when I drink, I have an inbuilt handbrake that shouts STOP after a drink or two for fear of the consequences. Much of this is driven by the fact I have kids to look after and that is infinitely more difficult when you are hungover. Selfishly, kids do not care that mummy is hung over.


In desperation at one point yesterday, I took to Twitter for hangover remedies. Some of which I tried, above. Do you have a hangover cure? When was your last hangover, was it worth it and how did you deal with it?