'Hanxiety', the anxiety you experience the morning after the night before.

It’s Saturday or Sunday morning. You wake up abruptly and look at the clock, it’s anywhere between 5 and 7am. Last night is a haze. Your head is pounding, your throat is dry and the room is spinning.

Your brain scrambles to remember what the heck happened last night. You start to panic. Your chest tightens, your brain races and the room keeps spinning. Anxiety sets in.

Every time you experience it you wonder if the fun of the night before was really worth it. You wonder if you're just overreacting. Then you think it's just the alcohol making it's way out of your system. But, hangover anxiety is real. It's actually a thing, and it's something a lot of us have experienced.

Here are the emotional stages of going through hangover anxiety - or, as I like to call it, 'hangxiety'.

1. What the heck did I say last night?

You wake up and immediately think "how did I embarrass myself last night?" Then you mentally run through everything you said. You think about every conversation you had (even though you can't really remember them). You think about all of the people you spoke to. You cringe. And if you do remember something you let slip - here's your reaction:

hangover anxiety

2. How much money did I pour down the drain?

Straight after you panic about all the 'stupid' things you probably definitely said last night, you start to worry about how much money you spent. How much money did you blow on stupid things? You dread looking at your wallet. You dread looking at your bank account. You peel your wallet open with your stomach in your throat. Why would you spend so much?

hangover anxiety


3. What have you done to your body?

The panic continues. You worry about your health, about what you put in your body. About what your body is going through now, to get it out. Your head pounds, you want Panadol, but you shouldn't put more things in your body. Right? Everything hurts. What have you done? You are never drinking again...

hangover anxiety

4. If it's Sunday, you worry that you have to work tomorrow.

Finally you panic about the fact that you've wasted your weekend. That you'll have to face work tomorrow, probably reeling from day two of your hangover. You stress about everything you should be doing that day, and everything you have to do in the coming week.

hangover anxiety

Have you experience this? What were your feelings?

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