PRAISE BE: You can now buy a Handmaid's Tale dress for just $25.

It’s happening.

This is how it starts, people.

First come the maroon dresses, then comes the totalitarian regime, then comes the, erm,  Nick?

If you binged your way through The Handmaid’s Tale, and then found yourself nodding to people in the street and whispering ‘praise be’ under your breath, you’re going to love this latest development.

The team at Uniqlo have released a couple of dresses that’ll have you looking like a handmaid in no time, and you’ll even get change from a $50.

PRAISE BE. Image via Uniqlo.

The first dress is what I like to call 'Peak Handmaid' - it's maxi length, with long sleeves and a high neck.

This dress is perfect for women who really want to immerse themselves in a dystopian, totalitarian future. You don't have to worry about silly things like basic rights and freedom of will when you're wearing this bad boy. 'Peak Handmaid' will only set you back about $49 AUD, which is great because you won't have an income soon.

handmaid tale dress
UNDER HIS EYES. Image via Uniqlo.

The second dress is more 'Handmaid Lite'. It's skater style - with shorter sleeves, a clinched waist and it sits just below the knees.

It's the kind of dress you can wear, while still working, socialising, and moving about the world with your own free will (but secretly referring to yourself as Offred or Ofkevin). And it's a bargain - the 'Handmaid Lite' will only set you back about $25 AUD.

Now hurry my special girls, these dresses are selling out fast.

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