Hamish Blake got a new tattoo and wife Zoe Foster Blake has made her opinion very clear.

Hamish Blake is a million things in Australia.

Comedian, radio host, media personality, father, husband.

But, he’s also part of a band.

Yes, that’s right. Hamish, 34, is the drummer in “Cool Boys and The Front Man”, also including Andy Lee on trumpet and another fella, Jack, on guitar.

They are even going on tour, starting in a couple of days.

It was, of course, natural that Hamish and Andy thought there was no better way to honour their musical talent than getting a tattoo.

Scroll through to see some more photos of what Hamish gets up to. (Post continues after gallery.)

Or, more specifically, 35-year-old Andy whipping out the ink and drawing drumsticks on Hamish. No template. No training. Going freestyle, as Andy says.

You know it is already going downhill when Andy asks their resident tattoo expert how exactly one tattoos another, two seconds before he jabs the needle into Hamish’s arm.

As Hamish describes the the first drumstick, “It does look like a plastic spoon that’s been left on the stove a bit and melted.”

And the second as, “a sick tadpole”.

In the room, it was all laughs with the lads.

Straight to Instagram the photo of the melted spoon/sick tadpole tattoos went, but it wasn’t long before Zoe Foster Blake, 36, caught wind of it.

The author and beauty guru  left a wonderfully sarcastic comment praising their artistic “gifts”.

She writes, "Thanks boys. GREAT JOB."

We definitely feel Zoe's not being serious about the tadpole/spoon tattoo combo inked on her husband.

As you can see, Hamish's arm of tattoos is a mish-mash of the Olympic rings, a frog on a skateboard (designed and inked by singer, Pink), an anchor that was in memory of trip he took with Andy to Tasmania, an "FR" was placed in front of the anchor to read "Frankchor" honouring Frank Stallone's birthday, the "TH" above reads "Thankchor" to founds for listening, while Thurs 8:30 was the time their TV show went to air.

Now, there's something that looks a lil' like drumsticks.

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