'I react too fast.' Hamish Blake on the one parenting trigger that makes him frustrated.

Hamish Blake is father of the year. But that doesn't mean he doesn't have rough parenting days.

Recently Blake was given the award at the Australian Fathering Awards, thanks to the relatable dad content he has been sharing via his new podcast. 

"Of course, we're all constantly messing up, but my heart is warmed by the love and commitment of the dads I have on the show and those who listen to it," he said when accepting the award. 

Listen to Hamish Blake on No Filter.

"I'm merely the 'spokesdad' this year for the fathers, and father figures, out there who are making this effort for their kids, and that is a true honour."

But part of his new role is reflecting on the good and challenging times of being a dad to two kids - son Sonny, nine, and daughter Rudy, six.

Now when Mia Freedman asked him on Mamamia's No Filter what parenting moments push his buttons, Blake says there's one example that stands out. 

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Video via Channel 9.

"I get frustrated, not angry. What would be my frustration trigger is anger," he explains.

"Anger makes me angry. So the only thing that really upsets me, because I'm so grateful for the life we have and the privilege really, is I can't handle it when someone from my perception is choosing to be angry or upset. 


"My brain is like 'No come on, not acceptable'."

Take for example, when the kids fight with each other. There's annoyance about a small, frivolous thing.

"With all these thousands of things that are going right, how could you focus on the one thing that is going wrong? That's the thing that triggers me - pessimism."

Blake notes it's a very "human and kid thing to do" to sweat the small stuff. But sometimes it leaves him frustrated.

"I probably react too fast in not liking that."

As for the stage of parenting he's feeling the most apprehensive about - the teen years.

"The teens for sure. When you have a six and nine-year-old you know where you're heading with that. You just know you're going into a very unique storm that you have to navigate yourself," he says on No Filter

"What I do think about and what I can do now is build the foundation of love and trust. So that when the sliding doors moment happens, or that hard thing happens in the teenage years - of which there will be dozens - you're a safe harbour and they know you will listen and you love them unconditionally."

Feature Image: Instagram @hamishblakeshotz.

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