Are Rove McManus and Hamish Blake destined to be in-laws?

We think think might be the next upcoming Australian celebrity couple and they’re incredibly cute.

Hamish Blake and wife Zoe’s boy Sonny is just shy of being a month old and guess what? He’s already got his first date. It’s not with just any other baby either but the daughter of Rove McManus and wife Tasma, little Ruby. That’s right, we’re in potential comedy heaven.

Of course Sonny didn’t ask Ruby out himself because well… he can’t talk. It was actually Rove who suggested the pairing, when he tweeted to Hamish congratulating him and his wife on the arrival or their son:

“@hamishblake Belated congrats to you and @zotheysay on the arrival of Sonny. Too early and inappropriate to book a first date with Ruby?”

Ruby McManus (left) and Sonny Blake (right) would make perfect snoozing partners.

Hamish quickly responded by suggesting they could make a reality show out of it:

“@Rove @hamishblake Congrats right back! Let’s make it into a reality show and call it ... Infant Attraction. Or, Love In The First Infants.”

Rove and Tasma McManus (right) and Hamish and Zoe Blake (right) look thrilled at the prospect of being related.

Now that's one reality show I'd definitely be watching.

Rove and Tasma welcomed gorgeous baby Ruby in December of 2013, while Hamish and Zoe's handsome boy Sonny was born in May of this year.

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