"Pretty upset with this." Hamish and Andy's True Story has troubled mums and dads.

Hamish Blake and Andy Lee’s latest television show, True Story, which debuted last Monday night, has been met with strong ratings and critical acclaim.

The second episode of the series aired last night at 7:30pm on Channel Nine and won the ratings by a landslide, with a peak national audience of more than 1.8 million. But there were some viewers who harboured concerns.

The episode centred around a young boy nicknamed ‘Stubby’ who loved sausage rolls and a beautiful girl named Cynthia.

As the self-professed ‘black sheep’ of his athletic family, Stubby wanted nothing more than to impress his lifesaving champion father, Kev.

In preparation for an upcoming event, Stubby trained with his father, with the goal of winning a medal. And perhaps also attracting the attention of Cynthia.

Laura Brodnik and Clare Stephens reviewed last week’s episode of True Story on The Binge. Post continues below. 

By the time the State Lifesaving Championships rolled around, Stubby was determined to make his dad proud. With great performances in his heats, Stubby managed to make the 100m sprint final for the first time.

As he stretched and prepared for the run of his life, he noticed that Cynthia, wearing a lifesaving swimming costume, was just metres in front of him, ready to run her own final.

What ensues is nothing short of the ultimate nightmare of literally every young boy who has ever lived.

Puberty, er, asserts itself, and Stubby is left trying to work out how to hide his manhood while wearing nothing but a Speedo.

Eventually, he puts the race first, and runs 100 metres with a… well. An erection.

The program only described the erection in euphemism, and didn’t explicitly show it. There were illusions and innuendos, but it was all relatively subtle.


But there were some parents around Australia who were left having some pretty awkward conversations with their kids.

One Facebook commenter wrote, “A bit disappointing. First time I watched it and I actually thought it would be a series of small stories over an hour. Not one long boring story for half an hour and I think the one that’s on now isn’t suitable for this hour… I love you guys but pretty upset with this one…”

A number of women echoed the same sentiment, “Love you guys but tonight’s show is not appropriate for a 7:30 time slot,” one wrote, “my nine-year-old loved it last week but just turned it over because I didn’t want to explain to her what was ‘growing in his pants'”.

“So much for being a family friendly show…” another added. “Not exactly appropriate watching with my children.”

While many were concerned with the sexual themes explored in the episode, others couldn’t help but laugh.

“My 10-year-old and I thought it was hilarious,” a commenter wrote, “explaining what was happening to Stubby and my son’s responses were just as funny as the story.”

Indeed, no television show will ever please everyone. And even though there were a number of parents who were confronted by the subject matter, more than one million Australians tuned in right until the end.

Do you think last night’s episode was appropriate for a 7:30 time slot?

You can listen to the full episode of The Binge, here.