IT'S NOT OVER. Hamish and Andy are getting right back in your ears in 2018.


You may remember that when Hamish Blake and Andy Lee announced late last year that 2017 would be their last year on radio, no one was even remotely okay.

You see, people who listen to Hamish and Andy love Hamish and Andy. They know Andy hates his birthday so therefore begin every call to the show by wishing him a Happy Birthday. They know that the producer of the show, Cacklin’ Jack, is building his house from scratch, which will never end well because Jack happens to know precisely nothing about building or houses. They know Hamish is fast and loose, while Andy becomes very upset by disruptions to order and efficiency. And they know that no other radio show is quite so ridiculous, quite so original, and quite so funny.

So when we learnt they were leaving to move more into television, we were quite frankly heartbroken.

Listen: Clare Stephens and Laura Brodnik on Hamish and Andy’s True Story. Post continues after audio.

Yes, they’re equally talented on screen, but there’s something about the… intimacy of listening to your two best friends favourite radio hosts every single weekday for years and years that TV can’t compete with.

But hush now, because this week Andy Lee made a public statement that he and Hamish will be releasing a podcast series for 2018 and 2019.

Because, well, love is a GODDAMN coconut.


“Previously the podcast has been the radio show, now it is a show purely made for the podcasting format,” Andy said.

Hamish and Andy will produce 40 podcasts over the next two years, which will be released on PodcastOne and iTunes.

Andy said while “it’s going to sound pretty similar, it’s our voices,” they’re excited to be purely in the podcasting world.


“I’m going to have to teach my grandma how to podcast, so the move does not come without its hurdles,” said Hamish. “But the excitement outweighs the challenges! We can’t wait.”

Hamish and Andy are also in the process of planning season two of True Story for the Nine Network – their original format show featuring everyday Australians telling their funny and often borderline-unbelievable true stories.

So basically, they’re not going anywhere, which is very lucky for those of us in a very serious, one-directional with them. And we can’t wait to see what they do with the chance to produce a podcast without the constraints of commercial radio.

We only ask for one thing: More Sonny pls.