Five Halloween costumes that would have made no sense a decade ago.

“It’s baaaackkk!”

Yes, that’s a semi-quote from the horror movie Poltergeist to remind you all that it’s Halloween soon (Tuesday 31 October).

You may find that frightening for one of two reasons:

a) You don’t have your/your kids’ costumes yet, or…

b) Gah!! You’re so over of the American-isation of Australia and what’s bloody next, (delicious) Thanksgiving in November?

In any case, you really only have one course of action: get it together and get on (the ouija) board.

Listen: Holly Wainwright and Andrew Daddo discuss the ups and downs of Halloween as parents, on This Glorious Mess. Post continues after audio. 

As with all sorts of occasions and holidays (like Christmas and the Queen’s Birthday), the original reason for Halloween has long since spirited away like the Headless Horseman. And you’re not here for a Horrible Histories history lesson, anyway. All this means is that the celebration is no longer just about ghosts and witches (and the mother with the best be-dazzler).

Halloween is a chance to make a big statement about who you are, or what you want to be (and if you wear a mask, no one will know it’s you).

Google has this week shared the most searched-for Halloween costume ideas on its Frightgeist List. But if you wouldn’t be caught dead (or alive) in been-there-done-that Harry Potter get-up, here are some very 2017 ideas:

1. The Trumps

From Donald to Ivanka, Melania to Ivana, the choice is as bountiful as it is political.

melania trump expensive coat
Chauffer-driven luxury SUV optional. Source: Getty.

2. Unicorns

According to the Google results, 2017 has seen a resurgence in the popularity of unicorns; but sadly, not of their actual existence. Although Channing Tatum tried.

2017: the year unicorns became hot

3. The Emoji Movie

Let your costume double as a movie review by being a poo, thumbs-down, or green vomit face.

A costume, and an 'Emoji Movie' rating.

4. The 'IT' clown

Clowns are always scary, but Pennywise was in the funniest scary movie of the year.

5. Wonder Woman

Think Gal Gadot, badass feminist.

The ultimate superhero costume that doesn't involve underwear stuffing. Image credit: Warner Bros.

Because you know, the scariest thing to do on Halloween would be to wear a costume from last year.


You can listen to the full episode of This Glorious Mess, below.