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How you feel about these incredible birth photos will probably depend on one thing.

WARNING: Not for the faint of heart.

Just incredible.

When you think of birth photos you often think of a sweaty but happy mum, holding her squishy baby all wrapped in blankets (still slightly blue) but calm on their mother’s chest.

Incredibly intense.

But sometimes a photographer captures something even more real, more intense and more in the moment. Because while a mother and baby bonding post birth is beautiful to see – it is even more amazing actually seeing a baby come in to the world – to see the exact moment that a new life begins.

Birth photographer, Jaydene Freund captures just that. A mother, doula and birth photographer, Freund captures the amazing moment a baby is taking it’s first breath, the moment a baby comes in to existence for the first time, the moment a baby’s head has been delivered, but the body has yet to be born. An incredibly confronting yet beautiful moment to see.

Have a look at this incredible collection of photographs in the Cradled Creations gallery below (post continues after gallery)…

While the photos are confronting, they are beautiful because they show the exact moment that a human body brings another human in to the world. It is literally the moment a new life begins.

You can see more of Jaydene Freund’s work on her websiteInstagram and Facebook.

What do you think of the beautiful images?

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