Sarah Hyland suggests her Modern Family character is bisexual.

Modern Family is already one of the most inclusive shows on television, but it seems its representation of the LGBTQI community is even broader than most knew.

Actress Sarah Hyland, who plays Hayley Dunphy on the Emmy-winning sitcom, has expressed a belief that her character is bisexual.

The assertion came after a Twitter user, who had earlier declared that “Haley dunphy is bisexual! #oneofus #oneofus” checked in with the actress for confirmation.

“I don’t know what the writers would say?” the 26-year-old responded. “But I confirm.”

Hyland later issued a clarification via Twitter, in which she said there is nothing in the script nor has she been told anything by the show’s creative team to indicate that Haley is bisexual.

“Just stated my personal OPINION and a story line I would PERSONALLY like to see,” Hyland wrote. “But that’s just me.”

And us.

And, it seems, plenty of her fans.



While her character’s romance-related storylines have so far only revolved around men (most notably Andy Bailey, played by Adam DeVine and high-school boyfriend, Dylan, played by Reid Ewing), Hyland’s followers applauded the possibility that Hayley’s sexuality could be explored further.

“Thanks for wanting to represent us,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

“I would die if Haley had a female love interest,” added another, “Femme queer women are so underrepresented!”

The show’s producers are yet to comment.

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