'Hairziness': Zoe Foster Blake's post-baby hair hack is one we can all use.

We’ve all been there.

We’ve all left the hair salon with a really fancy new ‘do only to discover a few weeks later that we’re actually way too bloody lazy for it.

We haven’t got the time, the money, or the sheer enthusiasm to keep it up. So we avoid the hairdresser for a few months and pretend our regrowth is balayage and that we actually really like the natural, split-endy look.

Or maybe you’re a new mum and you can’t even imagine when you’ll have a spare three hours of baby-free time to pop out to the hairdresser.

Thankfully, Zoe Foster Blake has come up with the perfect solution for time-poor mums and well, lazy people – it’s called ‘Hairziness’.

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Posting on Instagram on Sunday, Foster Blake introduced her followers to Hairziness or “Deliberately choosing a hair cut and colour that requires no more than 8-10 week salon visits”.


“Like this one,” she wrote. “Longer with choppy ends to avoid heaviness and disguise split ends, lighter for texture and excitement, and my natural colour in the high-mainty zone (roots).”

“ONE day I will do the dark, Francesca from Master of None short hair/fringe thing, but I’m not at The New Me stage yet,” Foster Blake finished off her post. “This leggings/slippers combo I’m sporting are proof.”

Foster Blake’s followers were quick to comment and agree that they prefer a low maintenance style in those first few months post-baby.

“Looks amazing for low maintenance! I’m all about minimal maintenance….the lazy ‘tie-it-back’ style is on high rotation,” one person commented.

“Excellent logic, might try this colour idea for summer… once my fringe finally disappears,” added someone else.

What do you think of Hairziness? Would you give it a try? 

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