Hairy legs on the red carpet. Hallelujah.

Finally, something interesting to talk about after the Golden Globes. With a heavily sanitised red carpet of beautiful gowns and flawless celebs, how refreshing is this?

Mo’nique, Golden Globe winner for her role in the up-coming film Precious, about sexual abuse, dared to walk the red carpet WITH HAIRY LEGS. And  I reckon that’s kind of cool.

While the visual is startling, it takes an extremely strong character to resist the unimagineable pressure that must come with being a celebrity in Hollywood. Can you imagine? Constantly being judged on how you look by casting agents and the media. Constantly being compared to other actresses and being photographed UPTHISCLOSE.

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While I am a leg shaver myself, I say bravo to anyone who dares swim against that tide of perfection. While some media are suggesting that Mo’nique simply ‘forgot’ to shave her legs, puh-lease. She is immaculately groomed from head to toe with the exception of her unshaven legs.

Her hairy legs were no accident.

The New York Daily News reports….

Mo’Nique has actually been on the forefront of a laissez-fair policy toward leg hair for many years. She showed off her unshaven gams on a 2006 appearance on “The View,” after prompting from Barbara Walters.

She told Walters, and by extension a national TV audience, “I must show America what a real leg looks like . . . because it’s too much in the morning, every morning, to shave, to cut, you got Band-aids baby,” she said after popping out from behind the hosts’ table to show off her unshaved calf.

“I really think hair on a woman’s legs is a black woman’s thing,” she later added, after pointing out that she does shave under her arms to avoid “stink.”

It’s not the first time she’s sported this look on the red carpet either, having drawn attention at last years NAACP Image Awards over the same issue.

Remember when Julia Roberts flashed unshaven armpits at the premiere of Notting Hill? I’m guessing that night Julia took a calculated risk that her armpits wouldn’t be visible in her cap-sleeved frock. She was right about that but she forgot about the waving part.

Do you have a body hair removal policy when it comes to your own body parts?

Anyway, here is Mo’nique’s incredibly moving acceptance speech at the Golden Globes (go to the one minute mark where she starts speaking…)

..and here she is being interviewed at the after-party….