23 useful things your hairdryer can do (besides drying your hair).

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I’m calling it: the humble hairdryer is the pen knife of the beauty industry. It’s that handy.

Honestly, if I was headed to a deserted island and could only take five items with me, I’d choose a battery-powered hairdryer as one of them (along with books, chocolate, plant seeds and sunblock).

My renewed respect for the hairdryer began when I received an email entitled “Use your hairdryer to create the perfect pork crackling for Christmas”.

Ummm… what? Apparently, pork crackling is just the beginning — I have found an incredible 23 uses for a hairdryer and not one of them involves the hair on your head.

1. Pork crackling

Adam Stratton, who runs the Tender Gourmet Butchery chain in Sydney, says he took years perfecting his hair dryer crackling. When it comes to Christmas ham with the perfect skin, you need to dry the skin out before baking it and that’s where your trusty appliance comes in.

“The hair dryer helps to dry the pork skin and draw out all the moisture,” Adam says. “The drier the skin, the better the crackling … I have finally nailed it.”

“The drier the skin, the better the crackling.” (Image via iStock.)

2. Defog the mirror

When you step out of the shower, blast the mirror before drying your hair so you can see yourself. No need to wait for the fan to work its magic.

3. Remove stickers

I’m thinking of trying this on the old rego sticker on my car. I’m sick of asking my husband to use his little gadget to scrape it off so I’m going to blast it with my hairdryer and do it myself.

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4. Remove price tags

Whenever I buy new coffee mugs or bowls I have to peel those annoying stickers off. Sometimes they don’t come all the way off and then you have to soak them and scrape at them. Not any more; the hairdryer saves all.

5. Remove band-aids

My kids hate taking band-aids off and it normally takes a long soak in the bath before they’ll even attempt to, which is unfortunate as they are slightly allergic and end up with little rashes. Apparently a hairdryer on warm heat loosens the adhesive, making removal much easier.

6. Remove candle wax

Candles are so lovely and relaxing... until you drip wax on your clothes or lounge or table. Use your hairdryer to warm the wax and then just peel it right off. (Post continues after gallery.)

 7. Dry damp clothing

Just be careful when drying your clothing while still wearing them because it can get a little hot.

8. De-wrinkle clothing

This is a great trick. Start by hanging your wrinkly clothing in the bathroom as you have a shower, then give it a blast with your hairdryer. In reality, it takes as much time as ironing — and who can be bothered with ironing?

9. Instead of a duster

I seriously can’t be bothered to clean my house ahead of Christmas, so am thinking of doing this one just for fun. Plus, I think it would get the dust out of those hard-to-reach places like the corners of my bookshelf.

10. Make cake frosting shiny

Now this is one I want to see Nigella do on her new TV show. Remember the controversy over her Smashed Avocado recipe? Imagine how impressed (outraged) everyone will be when she whips out the hairdryer to blast her cake to make the frosting shiny.


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11. Heat food

One hungry evening, someone in a hotel room out there in the world used a hairdryer to heat a pizza. They then turned it loose on a chocolate bar from the mini bar. I’m not naming any names; however, this person is a genius.

 12. Defrost food

If your ham slices are frozen together or the sausages won’t separate, give them a blast with the hairdryer and they’ll immediately defrost.

13. Dry your nails

This one requires a bit of technique. Don’t use the hottest setting — use the warm setting and don’t hold it too close to your nails. End with a blast of cold.

14. Make shoes bigger

Apparently, if your shoes are too small you just put on thick socks, force the shoe on and then blast it with the hairdryer. This stretches the leather. Incredible.

15. Prevent nappy rash

It can be so hard to get rid of nappy rash because nappies trap moisture, making the condition worse. When it gets really bad you really have no choice but to let your baby crawl around without a nappy, and that can be messy. Here's a tip: keep your hairdryer next to the change table. It’s perfect for drying off any moisture.


16. Soften eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, eye pencil

Blasting your makeup pencil with the hairdryer softens it and makes it easier to apply. This is extra useful during winter. (Post continues after gallery.)

 17. Remove water rings from wood furniture

Forget coasters (or unfriending people who don’t use them): you can remove water rings from your coffee tables and dining tables by giving them a gentle blast with your hairdryer.

18. Fit sunglasses to your head

If your glasses or sunglasses are uncomfortable, apparently you can shape them to your head by heating them with your hairdryer and then moulding them to fit you. This one I have to try.

19. Get a better result from your eyelash curler

Heat your eyelash curler a little under the warm setting of your hairdryer, and it'll work much better than if left cold.

20. Make shoe polish glossy

This one follows the same rule as the cake frosting — just a quick blast and your newly-polished shoes will be shiny. This is particularly handy for school shoes.

21. Remove dents from your car

According to Youtube videos, you can just heat the spot up with your hairdryer and then pop it out. Next time I back into my mailbox (hey, it hasn’t happened in years) I plan to give this a go.

Good daily habits
"Just heat the spot up with your hairdryer and then pop it out." (Image via iStock.)

22. Loosen tight screws

With Christmas on the way you’ll need this tip — it seems every toy needs batteries or construction and some of those screws just don’t want to come out. All you need to do is give them a blast and they’ll come out easily.

23. Blow up an air mattress

Forget sitting on the floor for 40 minutes while you blow up a mattreess (and try not to pass out). Using a hairdryer works really well and also warms up the bed for your guest.

Do you have any hairdryer hacks to share?