The Chop: From Rapunzel to Rose Byrne

After more than five years with hair the length of a Disney Princess, dental assistant and art history student Bea Grattan-Smith decided it was time to go shorter. Much, much shorter – from Rapunzel length to Rose Byrne’s long bob, to be more specific. We were there to watch Bea’s transformation unfold in the very capable hands of stylist Renya Xydis.


What made you decide to make a big change?

“I’ve never really liked wearing my hair out as there is so much of it; it takes me forever to style properly. I generally straighten it as my hair is quite wavy so I would like a cut that looks good when worn out, with minimal effort needed.”

Have you had any major life changes lately?

“Nothing really, although knowing that majority of my friends are overseas in Europe, I think it would be great to do something different – it will definitely shock them when they come back as most have never seen me without my long hair!”

What sorts of things were you looking at to get inspiration for your hair transformation?

“People whose hairstyles that I think may suit me, including celebrities, blogs and magazines. I love Rose Byrne’s mid-length cut, just above/on the shoulders. She has gorgeous hair, it always looks like it’s in great condition.”

How did you describe what you wanted to the hair dresser?


“A low-maintenance cut that suits my face, works with my hair’s texture and that I’m still able to tie back.”

Check out the before/after shots of Bea’s beautiful hair transformation:


How long did this transformation take?

“A little bit over an hour as we finished the look with a soft Cloud Nine Wave & Wella SP Luxe Oil on the ends. Bea’s hair was really long and hid her features so I enjoyed adding in some layers and cutting it!”

What sort of inspiration did you have in mind while you were doing this client’s hair?

“Rose Byrne. I went a little bit shorter in Bea’s version of the cut but kept it long enough for her to tie it up when she needs to. To accentuate her hair’s natural wavy texture I used the Cloud Nine Waving Wand & some Wella Ocean Spritz in the roots for some texture, giving her that signature Rose Byrne wave.”

What did the transformation involve?

“First I cut off her ponytail – her hair was incredibly long (and knotty) so there was no point washing and detangling the hair that we were about to cut off! Before any haircut, it is really important to establish defined sections ensuring your cut is perfectly even. Keeping Bea’s hair slightly longer in the front, I started from the back to establish a concave cut, using layers throughout. All together I cut off 7 inches of her hair.”


Did you do anything else special we need to know about?

“To keep the hair looking glossy and manageable we shampooed with Wella SP HydrateShampoo and conditioner, her hair was quite dry so we needed to add some moisture back in, a take home Hydrate Mask would be ideal for her to use once a week – The Wella SP Luxe Oil is a must to finish the look as it will give it that added shine, helping to accentuate the wavy texture (without the fly away).”


Renya Xydis needs no introduction, but on the off chance you haven’t heard of her, she is one of Australia’s leading stylists. With over 25 years of industryexperience, Renya is the Creative Director and owner of three of Australia’s premier hairdressing salons, (Valonz, Salon X and Renya Xydis city) and beauty salon Frou Frou.

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