5 best gift ideas for the haircare obsessive in your life.

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year… unless you’re anything like me and you struggle in a big way to decide what to buy for the women in your life. 

It can be so difficult figuring out the perfect balance between something they’ll love, something they’ll use and something that makes them feel special and pampered, just as they deserve. 

When it comes to pampering, nothing says luxurious like really great haircare products that they can use every day as part of their self care routine. But where do you start?

There are so many great products out there that promise to be the perfect pick, and sorting through the noise can be tough – so to be absolutely sure that you’re getting something that they’ll love, we’re here to give you a hand with the five best haircare gifts for the haircare obsessive in your life (...and we know you’ve already got someone in mind!). 

Kitsch Satin Pillowcase, $30  

Image: Mecca. 


Maintaining soft, shiny hair isn’t easy when you’re tossing and turning, and your locks are rubbing against a pillowcase that can cause friction and lead to breakage. Enter: A deliciously soft satin pillowcase.

They are perfect for anyone who’s looking to ensure their hair is well looked after while they're off in dreamland, and it’s not just their hair that’ll thank them for it – a silk pillowcase also has the added benefit of being soft and gentle on the skin, and they look stunningly chic on the bed.

PUMP Haircare Christmas Packs, $89

Image: PUMP Haircare. 


If you're looking for a luxe all-in-one gift, PUMP Haircare will bring salon-quality products to their shower, and they'll love you for it.

There are six gorgeous Christmas packs to cater for every hair type or concern, including curly girl, blonde, growth, anti-frizz, volume/thickness or moisture/repair (so you know there’s something perfect for everyone). The formulas are rich, giving you a salon-level lather that feels beyond lush and leaves your hair clean and enriched. 

Image: Supplied. 


The PUMP Haircare pack includes two bottles of the specialty shampoo and conditioner of your choice, along with a compact mirror to slip into their handbag, an adorable palm-print hair towel to make hair drying a breeze, and a cosmetic bag that’s perfect for travel.

They're Australian-made, vegan and cruelty-free, and the tubes are even created using environmentally friendly sugarcane with zero carbon footprint at a solar-powered facility – so you’re doing good for the planet, as well as your friends and family’s hair! Win, win.

MUVO Scalp Brush, $14.95

Image: Oz Hair and Beauty. 


If your favourite part of a trip to the hairdresser is the amazing head massage you get at the basin, then this is the perfect gift. A scalp massager (sometimes called a shampoo brush) is the addition you need in your haircare routine, no matter the hair type. Using it prior to your hair wash, can help improve blood flow to the scalp, promote hair growth and relieve stress – what’s not to love about any of those, right?

Using it gently during your hair wash can help to exfoliate, remove product build up and really put your shampoo to work, giving you a luxurious experience in your very own home.

Add these to your cart immediately – whoever you’re giving this too will thank you for it! 

Slip Silk Scrunchies, $32

Image: Slip. 


Silk scrunchies are as functional as they are cute – sleek, stylish, and really good for your hair. While a regular hair elastic can catch, causing breakage and kinking in your hair, silk scrunchies reduce friction, minimise split ends, and help maintain your hair's health.

Whether you're keeping your hair out of your face during your skincare routine or preserving your hairstyle at the gym, these are perfect for every occasion.

This pack from Slip even comes as an adorable Christmas ornament, making it festive and perfect for Secret Santa!

Kitsch Heatless Curling Set, $20

Image: Oz Hair and Beauty. 


You’ve probably seen these everywhere by now, and there’s one very simple reason for that: they’re brilliant! You can give the gift of healthy styled hair (and hilarious selfies) with a heatless curl kit. 

Complete with a satin-coated foam rod and scrunchies to make waves and curls easy to achieve, this will help give the hot tools a rest and help create stunning styles (without the heat damage). 

The kit is simple and easy to use, and deceptively comfy to sleep in thanks to the soft foam design, all you need to do is wrap your hair around the rod, secure with the scrunchies, and let time to do all the work. 

Shop PUMP Haircare Christmas Packs for salon-quality products, catered to six hair types. 

Feature Image: Supplied/PUMP Haircare/Mecca/Slip/Mamamia. 

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