The six hair trends hairdressers are sick of seeing.

Hairdressers are largely responsible for setting hair trends, but there are certain styles they’re well and truly sick of being asked for.

We asked six top celebrity stylists to reveal the trend they wish would dye die… and were totally surprised. You’ve been warned.

1. Balayage

The hair colour trend adopted by approximately 64 per cent* of the female population has reached its peak, with no less than half the hairstylists claiming they’d had enough.

“I find most balayage boring and bland. Push your hairdresser or colourist to be more individual!” says Moroccan oil ambassador Peter Gray who was recently in Australia for the Hair Expo.

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“It’s time for hairdressers to rule out the normal request for boring balayage and get a little creative and suggest easy to maintain colours, but allow us to get the mind ticking and get dirty with those colours,” agrees Aleks Abadia of Esstudio Galleria. 


However that doesn’t mean giving up the ombre look altogether.

“I’m enjoying looking at subtler, more natural looking blended colours which look glossy and expensive. More ‘sombre’ than the more contrast-y ombre colour that was so popular last year,” says Barney Martin. (Post continues after gallery.)

2. Brightly coloured hair.

We’ve reached the end of the rainbow.

“Rainbow-coloured hair has definitely had its day,” says Jacky Chan, Salon Partner and Master Stylist at Oscar Oscar Salons St Kilda and Chadstone.

“I’m sick of super bright fake colours in hair. It’s hard to maintain and can look really tacky with regrowth,” says ELEVEN Australia co-Creative Director and three-time Hairdresser of the Year Joey Scandizzo.


3. Men with top knots.

“It’s over,” says Scandizzo. ‘Nuff said.

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4. One-length hair.

Time to add shape or texture. “Long, one length hair. Yawn!” says Chan.

“Super straight one length hair that does nothing is over,” says Kevin Murphy.


5. Fake waves.

Don’t bother spending hours trying to achieve those plastic looking curls. “Wood chip curls (iron curls) or these perfectly formed curls are so bad, nothing sexy about them at all!!” says Abadia. Instead try something more natural. “Embrace your natural movement or at least shake it out rather than have manufactured waves that sit in clumps.” suggests Murphy.


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6. Perfect hair.

Thank goodness.

“It’s goodbye to Kardashian-inspired blowdrys. Move on and let your hair have some personality!” says Martin. Hear hear.


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What hair trend are you sick of seeing?