How to give the gift of great hair.

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Chocolates. Champagne. Home trinkets. They all make lovely Christmas gifts, sure, but this year think outside the box. What about tracking down those presents that are (almost) priceless. The gift of many, many good hair days, for example – now that is something I’m hoping will pop up in my Santa sack this year.

If you’d like to bestow amazing hair to a loved one, look no further than these eight picks. I recommend also hiring the giftee a personal wind machine so they can shake their silky mane and pretend they’re in a hair ad.

ghd Copper Luxe V Styler Set with bonus Nail Lacquer & Heat Resistant Bag $270.

When ghd actually stands for Good Hair Day, you know this is one of the most generous gifts you can give someone. ghds are some of the best straighteners on the market. The copper colour, carry bag and matching nail polish are just the cherries on top of one very sleek and shiny cake.

"Ghd actually stands for Good Hair Day." Image: Supplied.

GOLDWELL DUALSENSES 3 pack includes Blondes & Highlights Shampoo, Conditioner 300ml & 60 Second Treatment 200ml, $42.95.

This is one gift that probably won’t make it out of my bathroom. If you know and love a blonde, for keratin’s sake, buy them some of this good stuff. It perfectly neutralises that brassy, orange tinge blondes can get without drying out your hair. Amen.

AG HAIR 3 pack includes Keratin Repair Shampoo 296ml, Conditioner 178ml & Repair Serum 75ml $44.95.

You won’t find common and potentially harmful ingredients like salt, paba or parabens in any of AG Hair’s products. You will find shine-inducing keratin and restorative ingredients. You’ll also find that the person you give it to will be smiling non-stop after their first dalliance with this.


"Shine-inducing keratin and restorative ingredients." Image: Supplied.

PPS D.FUSE 2 pack includes Menz The Enz 150ml, $24.95.

Who doesn’t have some dastardly split ends that need mending? PPS D.FUSE’s two pack features their signature Menz The Enz product (which adds shine and seals rough ends). Sold.

AG HAIR 2 pack includes Texture Moisture Mask 178ml & Cleansing Cream 355ml, $44.95

For the special person who loves a bit of a DIY pamper session at home, this is a no-brainer. The moisture mask is a great treatment for getting some shine and hydration back into dull hair. Apply it after washing hair with the cleansing cream (a super gentle sort of shampoo), and leave it on for 30 minutes before rinsing out.


A beautiful gift box for a loved one. Image: Supplied.

AROMAS 3 pack includes Curl Shampoo, Conditioner 275ml & Curl Crème 150ml, $49.95.

Ask any curly haired women - finding hair care that actually helps, not hinders, their curls is difficult. Yes, they absolutely do need a specialised shampoo, conditioner and curl tamer. Yes, they absolutely will be forever in your debt after you gift them this hard-working Aromas pack.

NAK 4 pack includes Hydrating Shampoo, Conditioner 375ml, Ultimate Potion 150ml & Thermal Shield 150g, $49.95.

If you know someone who doesn’t have a thermal protectant handy to shield their hair from heat damage over the festive months, this is the pack for them.

The hydrating shampoo and conditioner boost moisture in dull hair and the Ultimate Potion (while it’s not technically magical, the effects are) is a leave-in treatment. It doesn’t hurt that it’s sulfate and paraben-free either.

Helps boost moisture in dull hair. Image: Supplied.

MUK Style Stick 230 IR with bonus Head muk Dry Shampoo 200g & 20 in 1 Miracle Treatment 200ml, $149.95.

Yes, the Australian hair care brand (they originated in Melbourne, FYI) also create amazing styling tools. The Style Stick 230 IR contains a negative-ion generator that creates millions of healthy negative charges that make your hair as shiny as Mariah Carey’s teeth. The dry shampoo and treatment will come in handy over the boozy summer months. Just saying.

What products do you use to have a good hair day?