How to never use a hairdryer again.

Image: These days? They’re over. (iStock)

Friends, the future has arrived. It’s here. And it’s everything you ever dreamed it would be.

Okay, so no, we don’t have flying cars or functional teleportation just yet (it’s only a matter of months, surely…), but an equally life-enhancing innovation has come to light: hair drying gloves.

Let’s look at those words again:




That’s right. First the hands-free hairdryer; now this. It seems the days of blasting hot air directly at your head in the middle of summer are numbered.

Okay, here's what we know. According to their creator Upper Canada, the Studio Dry gloves can dry your hair twice as fast as a regular towel - hence dramatically reducing the amount of time you need to spend blow-drying. Running late for work? No problem.

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In case you're curious, they look like a giant, impractical pair of winter gloves, and come in black, blue (for Cookie Monster chic), pink and purple.

Apparently, the secret to their magical water-absorbing powers is a specially designed microfibre that dries the hair without removing styling products or creating frizz. Added bonus - the gloves claim to add volume and shine to your hair too.

If the idea of drying your hair with a pair of Muppet-like gloves is simply too revolutionary, you can also get Studio Dry in a more traditional towel format, which boasts the same benefits. Baby steps, etc.

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According to this video, these babies - which will set you back around $20AUD - have been around for over a year now. How have they only just come to our attention?!

If you're dying to get your hands on a pair - well, technically speaking, in a pair - of Studio Dry gloves, you can get them here.

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