'I'm a productivity expert. Here are 5 hacks that will actually save you time and effort.’

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I have been obsessed with productivity ever since I was a teenager. 

At 11, I picked up my first self-help book, and since then I’ve spent a lot of my time trying out new methods and systems to streamline my life. So much so, that I host Mamamia's productivity podcast, 8 Minutes To Change Your (Work) Life

Out of the hundreds of hacks I’ve tried, only a handful of systems have really stuck. These are my favourites – the ones that require very little effort but have had a massive impact on my time and productivity.

Hack #1: Timeblocking

Timeblocking is the method of splitting your day into hourly blocks – each block can be assigned to a specific task or an event, which allows you to focus on one thing at a time. 

I love this method because it creates an overview of my day: the things I will concentrate on, and the tasks that will be completed. It gives me a schedule I can follow and I can feel confident that I’m now ticking tasks off my list.

The best part about timeblocking is how it makes every task tangible – by giving it a time slot during the day, I’m taking the task out of my head and onto a page. And all you need to start timeblocking is a digital calendar or a blank piece of paper!

Hack #2: Bundle what you can together

In life, we are bombarded with so many different fragmented things to coordinate – incoming bills arriving by email or physical mail, work items using countless apps and tools, subscriptions on endless different platforms that all need their own logins...

Constantly switching between them all to find what I need to pay for, reply to, or find throws me off and wastes lots of time. 

So in order to be as efficient as I can, I tend to bundle as much as I can together, and find ways to automate or 'set and forget' that just takes care of it for me. 

One of my favourite hacks is Optus SubHub – a simple way to group my monthly subscriptions together, that saves me money by paying for them on one account.


It streamlines payment for my subscriptions (Netflix, BINGE, Paramount+, YouTube Premium), so I don't have them all coming out at different times throughout the month. The more subscriptions I link to SubHub, the more money it saves me.

This hack simplifies my life, is super easy to do upfront (promise) and saves both money and time in the future.

Hack #3: The Two 2 Minute Rules

There are two 2 minute rules and I’ll explain both of them.

The first one? If something takes less than 2 minutes to complete, do it right now. I am a massive procrastinator at heart, and I tend to put off a lot of tasks, big or small. However, so many of these tasks are actually simple and straightforward – like putting the dishes away, tidying my space, sending an email… These are the tasks I’ve now trained myself to do as soon as I need to, they save me so much time in the long run and eliminates the burden of needing to remember them.

The second rule is, if you’re finding something difficult to do (like a task or a new habit), spend only 2 minutes doing it. The most difficult part of completing a task is starting it – making the task less intimidating by only allowing yourself to do it for 2 minutes is the easiest way to get yourself out of your own way. I tend to do this when I feel like something feels overwhelming or scary – there are times when I do stop after 2 minutes, but most of the time I end up completing the task or spending at least half an hour working on it.

Hack #4: Make a to-do list before bed

I don’t consider myself a morning person, and there are some days where I feel daunted by the day ahead. However, I’ve found that setting an intention and a small to-do list for the day makes it much easier to get up and feel focused for the day.

I just use a notes app on my phone, I write down a few things – what my 1-3 priorities are for the day (for example, picking up my packages, starting my blog post, cleaning my inbox), and I also make a small outline for my morning routine with timestamps (7am: wake up and snooze, 7.30am: brush teeth, shower and skincare, 8am: stretches, 8.30am: eat brekkie).


This guide helps me feel grounded and gives me direction in the morning when my brain is adjusting to the day. If I’m feeling ambitious, I pack my bag and pick my outfit the day before so I don’t have to think at all in the morning before heading to work.

Listen to my productivity podcast with Mamamia, 8 Minutes to Change Your (Work) Life, where I discuss how you can best use colour in your workplace to enhance productivity and spark creativity. Post continues below.

Hack #5: Having a home for everything

Ever since I moved into my own space, it’s been so important for me to have a ‘home’ for everything I own – my books, my tech, my makeup and clothing, my trinkets. Having intentional space for your items means it’s easier to stay clutter free. 

When my space is clear, my mind is clear as well, and I can tackle the hardest tasks of the day. When my space is cluttered, I feel frazzled and disoriented – by making a space that’s easy to reset, I’m able to save time cleaning and spend more time being creative.

For more from Deb, you can find her on TikTok and Instagram.

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