“Try a money sprint.” 8 women share their most underrated money-saving hacks.

ANZ and Cashrewards
Thanks to our brand partners, ANZ and Cashrewards

Universal truth #1: Money makes the world go around.

Relatedly, universal truth #2: There’s nothing better than finding a foolproof way to make, save and enjoy more of it. 

And I’m guessing that’s the reason you clicked into this article. 

Saving money feels good. But, chances are, it also feels like a bit of an uphill battle for many. 

But babe, it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Why? Because we’ve spoken to our most frugal friends to find out some sneaky ways to pocket a few more dollars, and their tricks are so good that we wished we thought of them sooner.

1. Earn cashback on your purchases

ICYMI: there is a whole bunch of online programs that could help you put some money back in your pocket and yes, let me explain.

If you haven’t heard of Cashrewards just yet, your life is about to change. 

In a nutshell, Cashrewards is an Australian cashback reward program that gives you access to offers from more than 2,000 popular brands like Amazon,, Target, Rebel and more. The cashback you could earn is a percentage of the purchase price of the item you are looking to buy.

Oh, and did I mention? It’s free to join and works with both debit and credit cards. Simply start your shop through Cashrewards and once you’ve built up a cashback balance, you can request to withdraw it into your bank or PayPal account to use however you want – save it, spend it – the choice is yours.

Cashrewards members have earned more than $140 million in cashback and counting, plus ANZ has recently teamed up with them to help their customers become savvier shoppers. And who doesn't want to be a bit savvier when it comes to shopping?


2. Set yourself some ground rules


The simple, sometimes niche, self-imposed regulations you will not stray from, under any circumstances. 

"Making decisions is hard! So, when it comes to money, I set myself rules I can’t think twice about. Things like ‘no more than two cocktails on a night out, no taxis before 8pm, only buying clothes on the 5th of each month.’ They might sound a little crazy, but when I put strict boundaries in place around money, I will not stray from them. It's a really easy way for me to watch my spending and be mindful with my savings," Miki says. 

3. Try a ‘money sprint’

If rules sound too permanent for you, maybe Em's suggestion of a money sprint is more your tempo.

Put simply, a money sprint is a ‘rule’ with an end date. Which means you can push your limits, just a little. 

"I love money sprints to test my willpower every so often. An example of a money sprint I always try is a week of homemade lunches. The money really adds up." 

4. Automation, automation, automation

Do you feel intimidated by a lump payment entering your bank account on payday? So much so that you might just spend a good chunk before allocating it off to bills like you reaaally should? 

We’ve all been there. 

But Maddie has a solution.

"I automate all my payday money into different accounts, so I don’t have to think too hard about what’s available to me the day my pay comes in. On the day it lands in my account, my pay will automatically transfer predetermined amounts into my expenses account, savings account, spending account and investment account. It stays the same every month. I also have an emergency fund account for unexpected disasters (think parking tickets and vet bills)," Maddie says.


5. There’s food at home

If you’re anything like me, there’s a good chance you heard this one from your mum growing up. 

And while it might have been a real pain to hear when you were 13 and craving some fries on the way home from Saturday sport, chances are, since then you’ve found real merit in holding out for a cheap feed.

So, here’s a tip straight from my mum’s toolbox.

"Take it from me: meal planning will save you good money. Pack yourself lunch when you have work. Have a snack in your bag when you’re heading out and know you’re going to be tempted by a bag of chips at the servo. We make expensive decisions while hungry so stock up at home," Sally shares.

6. Round-ups

Allow us to introduce you to the concept of round-ups. 

No, it's not a sporting term. Instead, it's the process of 'rounding up' your purchases to the nearest cent and transferring them into a savings account. 

"It's only a few cents here and there, but it all adds up and best of all, because it's usually only a couple of cents, you don't worry about missing it too much," Mel says.

7. Preloved is best

Looking for a cost-effective, planet-friendly money-saver? Look no further because Laura has got you sorted with her tip.

"One word: Marketplace. Before I buy any new product — particularly when it comes to appliances, expensive clothing brands, or furniture, I always first scan online or op-shops to find a pre-loved alternative. The savings are astronomical, and you can feel good about saving the world at the same time!" 


8. Libraries, mode modern

If you’re a book hoarder like myself, you know how easy it is to add the newest read everyone’s talking about to your shopping cart while perusing your bookshop of choice. 

So, before you spend on something new, may we remind you of the local library? Or better yet, an online borrowing platform that links to your community services.

Hannah suggests something like BorrowBox or Libby, which are a huge treasure trove, particularly when it comes to books for the kids.

"You can use them to get audiobooks and eBooks for FREE because it's linked to your local library card. Most new books are on there and it works just like any other reader app. You can borrow kids' books on there too which makes bedtime story time much less boring if you are sick of the same old books, and kids think it's super cool to read on your phone or tablet," Hannah shares.

ANZ has teamed up with Cashrewards to help ANZ customers and everyday Australians become savvier shoppers. Learn how you could earn cashback on your purchases.

Cashrewards is offered by Cashrewards and not ANZ. To earn cashback you must be a Cashrewards member. Eligibility criteria, cashback redemption, withdrawal conditions and T&Cs apply. Please visit Cashrewards for further details.

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ANZ and Cashrewards
Love earning cashback? ANZ has teamed up with Australia’s leading cashback program Cashrewards. Become a savvier shopper and you could earn cashback from more than 2,000 popular brands when you shop through Cashrewards with an ANZ card. Join for free today, visit