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TEGAN NATOLI: 'I've got a family of 5. Here's all the ways I save money with my shopping.'

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With the rising cost of living, a family of five and a big Christmas list, I'm always looking for clever little hacks to save money. I know I'm not alone, Christmas is such a joyful time when you have kids, but truthfully, it can also be pretty stressful for parents, and even more stressful for our bank accounts.

So, here are the ways I seriously save during the silly season.

Get savvy with loyalty programs.

If there's a retailer you regularly shop at, check out if they have some sort of loyalty offer for customers.

I get a Woolworths grocery delivery every week, sometimes twice, with three hungry little kids and I've saved plenty of money over the years by collecting Everyday Rewards points when I shop. 

You've probably heard of it, but I have even better news... they now have a supercharged subscription called Everyday Extra. It's linked to your Everyday Rewards account, so you can enjoy 10 per cent off one shop a month, either in-store or online at both Woolies and Big W.

Plus you also get twice the points on every shop at Woolworths and BIG W which helps you pocket savings on your shopping more often. 

I did the math, and Everyday Extra can help you save up to a $100 a month (which is $1,200 a year) on your shopping across both stores – with 3 kids this makes a HUGE difference. 

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Abandon your cart (and use wishlists).

I do most my shopping online because I run two businesses and parent three kids under six – I have zero time for a leisurely stroll around a shopping centre. I discovered this first hack by accident, and now it’s a trick I use all the time when I plan on placing an order.

It’s called ‘abandoned cart', and essentially it means most online stores will send you an email if you’ve left something at the online checkout and offer you a discount code to encourage you to finish the transaction. It’s generally a 10 per cent discount, sometimes more, which is handy and it all adds up. 

Another tip is to use a website’s wishlist option, it's usually a love heart icon, and it creates a folder of your favourites from that website. Because you’ve added an item to your wishlist, you’ll get a notification when that item goes on sale. It’s great because it helps with the mental load – I don't have to go back and check during sales time.

Stock up on pressies during sales. 

My kids go to a lot of birthday parties. When I say a lot, it’s sometimes three a weekend. Gifts can get expensive, so when I find a great gender-neutral present for kids around their age, I buy it in bulk.

Just recently, there was a fantastic electronic game I saw on sale online, a friend’s son had one and loved it, so I knew it would be a hit. I ordered 12 and popped them in the gift cupboard. Not only did I save money by avoiding the last-minute dash to the toy store on the morning of the party and paying through the roof for an under-pressure gift, I helped my future self, knowing I won’t even need to think about it. 

I do the same with cards. Not just for the kids' parties but for families and friends, too. A gift card can be around $8 at some stores, which is outrageous when you consider it’s read and then likely thrown away or recycled. Instead, every few months, I head to the local cheap shop and find a generic card that can be used for any age, gender, or celebration. They often have cards for $1 – winning. 

Cook in bulk. 

Did I mention I have three kids who sometimes eat more than a grown adult? So, I started cooking in bulk to cut back on my grocery bill.

It not only saved me precious time in the kitchen, but it also helped me make the most of my grocery budget.

Take advantage when things like meat goes on sale, and freeze it for later. This made it super easy for me to whip up large batches of hearty dishes like spag bol, which give me delicious leftovers for the next day so I don't feel tempted to order out. 

It's also been an absolute lifesaver during those hectic weeks when cooking every single night feels like an impossible task. 

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