FLUFF: Gwyneth Paltrow went all out for her son's birthday party.

Gwyneth Paltrow just threw her son Moses such an epic 8th birthday party.

SHOCK: The little guy was even allowed gluten. And sugar. And hot dogs covered in cheese and refried beans and meat.

Gwyneth, a renowned lentil-worshipper, went wild and let go of all her strict diet rules for the occasion. The 41-year-old actor ordered a truck full of nachos, a gourmet hot dog van, cake and an enormous pirate ship jumping castle. There was a magician to entertain all the kids, colourful tables were set up across Gwyneth’s backyard and all of Gwyneth’s nine-year-old daughter Apple’s little friends were there too.

We really, really wish we were invited.

Here’s the delicious portable hot dog restaurant that arrived at Gwyn’s mansion – carrying enough gluten products and saturated fats to cause Non-Birthday Gwyn to have a complete breakdown.

And a close-up of the menu just so you can see what Gwyneth allowed the kids to eat on their special day. (The GOOP owner and cook-book author has famously banned her children from eating carbs, gluten, and sugar – so this is a huge development for the little family.)

All the kids and their parents were seen leaving Gwyneth’s house wearing t-shirts they’d decorated themselves at the party, which is a pretty adorable birthday activity. We’re not sure yet which famous kids were on the guest list but if they were on the right continent, we reckon it would have included the Beckham kids. Ideally, Beyonce would have brought Blue Ivy Carter along for some adorable jumping castle bounce time and potentially a surprise performance of Happy Birthday… But we can only dream (and wait for the details to emerge).

For Moses’ actual birthday, Gwyneth shared this gorgeous selfie with the world.

We haven’t heard whether Gwyneth’s recently ‘consciously uncoupled’ husband Chris Martin was in attendance, or whether he performed a Coldplay song at the party (really, we think it would only be right).

Happy birthday famous little man. Happy birthday!

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