Gwyneth Paltrow has just dished on what BFF Beyoncé is really like behind the scenes.

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow is living most women’s dream life. She’s beautiful, rich, talented, business savvy, funny, and self aware.

Oh, and she’s friends with Beyoncé.

For all of those reasons, 44-year-old Paltrow sadly gets a lot of flak. But in a new interview conducted by Samantha Bee for Harper’s Bazaar, Paltrow seems like the shine theory hero we need.

Shine theory is a term regularly used by podcast hosts Ann Friedman and Aminatau Sow on their popular show Call Your Girlfriend to explain how it’s much more beneficial to support your other women than to compete with them. In an article she wrote for The CutFriedman sums it up: “I don’t shine if you don’t shine.”

In her Harper’s Bazaar interview, Paltrow promotes her new clothing line, goop Label — but she also doesn’t seem put out to be asked a question about someone else in an article that is supposed to be about her.

When Bee asks her what Beyoncé, 35, is really like, Paltrow takes the time to throw some shine on her friend of over a decade.


“If you met her and you didn’t know who she was or what she did, it would be inconceivable to you that she was Beyoncé,” says Paltrow.

“Some really famous people, even when they’re off-duty, have this energy that is sort of overpowering. She does not have that. She is so dialled down. She’s the sweetest mother. She’s very shy. You would not believe she is Beyoncé Knowles. You would be like, ‘No, that was not her.’ And that’s why when I see her perform, I’m like, ‘Oh, shit, I forgot.’ ”

Image: Getty.

Of course this does not mean that Beyoncé is just like you and me, because come on. She's Beyoncé.

Bee makes a joke about how it must be hard to reconcile the Beyoncé, the low-key "lady who made grilled cheese!" To which Paltrow replies, “She doesn't make grilled cheese. Definitely not. I make the grilled cheese.”

And the shine flows both ways. Beyoncé has talked about their friendship as well. Like in the above clip from E! News at the 2013 premiere of her HBO documentary Life Is But a Dream.

Shine on!

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